Giving Up for Lent

I almost forgot that today was the first day of Lent until checking my blog stats yesterday.

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 8.19.40 PM.png

Thank you, random searchers for reminding me. (And Trebek, I’ll take “Distances crazy people run for” for $800 for the “what’s 20 miles.”)

Last year, I gave up Sweet & Low in my coffee for Lent–I actually ended up never adding it back in and still just do milk or cream in my coffee. This year, I’m in the same boat. I’m generally happy with my diet. I’m trying to refine it a bit more to tone up my stomach, but I’m not in the position to make any big dietary changes again, so I’m not going to cut out anything big.

I’ve heard of the idea of adding something in–which sounds like an awesome idea–but once again, I’m going to cut out something small, but that I love.



They are absolutely one of my favorite indulgences, and I get them basically any time I’m at some sort of casual restaurant where they’re on the menu. They are one of those indulgences that always make me happy at the time but usually bother my stomach later.

And I’m gonna miss ’em for the next 39 days.

Mom? French fries at Easter dinner?

Do you give things up for Lent? Are you giving anything up this year?

27 comments on “Giving Up for Lent

  1. Mom

    Yes, I’m giving up ICE CREAM do you know what that means, no more afternoon visits to Dairy Queen, no more raids to the refrigerator for ICE CREAM, no more food shopping and putting ice cream in the basket first. No more eating ice cream while I check my email.

    And yes, french fries for Easter, and ice cream!!!


  2. Megs

    Tortilla chips and chocolate!! Although fries might me a good one to add. Im gluten free and found the Chips creeping in too much when out or at a friends house. A few squares of dark Chocolate or a mini pb cup became a nightly occurrence.

  3. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I don’t usually give anything up, nor do I think I will this year. Generally, I try to take the time to focus on myself and what I could do to improve myself, whatever that may mean each year. This year it’s focusing on my happiness and contentment with where my life is at this moment. πŸ™‚

  4. maria @ Chasing the Now

    I’m giving up Youtube videos and spending that time doing other things like praying, etc.

    The one thing I hate about Lent is how it becomes a big diet season. Lent isn’t supposed to necessarily be about giving up food (although, if it’s a real vice that’s ok). It’s supposed to be about giving up something that is a sacrifice for you and in turn will remind you of Christ’s sacrifice.

    It just seems wrong to say, Well I’m happy with my diet… so I guess I’ll give up french fries.

  5. Alix

    I think it’s a bit sad that people are focusing on giving something up for Lent to lose weight. Actually by a bit sad, I mean really sad, and probably offensive to people who actually understand the meaning and significance of Lent. I am by no means even a very religious person, and I’m sorry, Theodora, but this post really rubbed me the wrong way. The fact that you needed blog stats about people looking to lose a few – to first of all remind you it even was Lent – which then in turn just inspired you to take a second look at your diet?

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Alix: Sorry if this rubbed you the wrong way–I don’t usually write at all about religion, obviously, so I was trying to keep this really light-hearted and just focus on the food/health part, since that’s mostly what I blog about.

  6. Cindy

    I’m giving up meat. I fully support your choice, and was inspired to write a post of my own, thanks to you. Thank you for blogging and keeping it real, always. πŸ™‚

  7. Megg

    While there are some people out there who use Lent as a “crash diet” for 40 days, I think a lot of people confuse giving up a food item with just wanting to lose weight. I am giving up sweets this year (cake, cookies, cupcakes, froyo, ice-cream, dunkin, etc) because I can honestly say I AM ADDICTED. While these may be a treat to normal people they are part of my everyday life. It has been so hard and it is only one day, but I figure I can honestly say I am giving up something that I am addicted to and hopefully it will give me time to focus on more important things and my faith…all while my stomach is growling and i’m going through detox haha.

  8. Britne @ Shabbott's Habits

    I’m giving up peanut butter, which is def going to be hard for me because, let’s face it, peanut butter is awesome. I sometimes feel like people use lent as an excuse to diet when really it is about sacrifice. For instance, when I told my uncle that I was giving up PB he said, “but, PB isn’t bad for you.” I then had to explain that I wanted to give up something that I really love and that it didn’t necessarily have to be bad for me. Giving up french fries is certainly a sacrifice! Best of luck πŸ™‚

  9. dorry

    your mom’s comment is so cute! made me smile. Billy and I are giving up iPhones in bed. we gave up laptops a while back but of course we just switched to staring at our iPhones in bed. he plays some dumb game and reads articles. I read blogs and check Facebook, etc for no good reason! I’m fed up with myself so it seemed like a good thing to give up. and now maybe I’ll actually read a book. with pages.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @dorry: I need to do that. I always check email/Twitter right before I go to sleep and right after I wake up…and sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night. Fail.

  10. Carolyn

    I just decided, so yesterday won’t count as part of Lent – I’m going to give up french fries and ice cream. I love both (to the extent one can “love” a food) and I think overindulging in ice cream (and a medication… grr) have led to me gaining quite a bit of weight. So I’m hoping that will be a jumpstart.


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