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Last week, I went to a fun event that Target hosted to show their wellness products. I mean, who doesn’t love Target?

I went over with Ashley, and we were greeted with these flavored waters. Sort of like cocktails…without the booze.

The entire event’s theme was the Target Well-Being Club, and it was set up like a little country club/resort…inside a random studio in Midtown.



We learned that the FDA had finally caught on to the fact that sunblock with an SPF of 15 and below or 50 and above was not really any more effective. Starting this spring, all sunscreen manufacturers will be legally required to comply (so if you are a devotee of the other stuff, buy now).


Whatever, you gotta relax where you can.

IMG_0904.JPG     IMG_0909.JPG IMG_0910.JPG

In another little area, we saw lots of Target’s C9 workout gear. Honestly, if I lived closer to a Target, I’d probably have more Target workout gear. That cute blue jacket up there is only $29.99. I’ll admit–some of the stuff I have bought from Target is definitely you-get-what-you-pay-for–I have one awful acrylic running jacket from there–but most of it is pretty solid.

They said they stock most of this stuff online, but I wasn’t able to find this jacket online yet.

They also have some Gaiam stuff, at a lower price point than most normal Gaiam gear.

IMG_0911.JPG  IMG_0913.JPG

This foam roller and mat with guided stretches are pretty cute.


I also got a hand massage and drank a smoothie. Sweet. The massage therapist has apparently run a 2:45 marathon. I’m pretty sure I was asking him to divulge all his secrets to me at this point. (They were probably just: run a lot, and run fast.)

IMG_0918.JPG IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0920.JPG IMG_0921.JPG IMG_0922.JPG   IMG_0925.JPG IMG_0926.JPG

While I was pretty familiar with Target’s workout clothes, I was pretty surprised to realize how much healthy food they actually have–and for really good prices. For example, I typically pay about $6-7 for turkey sausage; Target sells it for $4. I’m lazy and buy the instant brown rice; the Target brand was $1, Uncle Ben’s is usually $2.50-3 in NYC. If there were Targets in downtown Manhattan, I’m sure I’d do more food shopping there.

What’s your favorite thing to shop for at Target? I love their bathing suits and everything else beachy.

13 comments on “Club Target

  1. Negar

    Target is not that far, 117th@pleasant. Like really, you just made Manhattan sound HUGE, buy it’s just a tiny island….

  2. Olivia

    I loveeee Target. Mostly their clothes (especially the C9 Champion stuff) but also just all the stuff they sell that places in Canada don’t sell! (We went there everyday while visiting in the US last summer.)

  3. Ada

    I love the Target! I will happily shop for anything there – it’s a great place to stock up on household items and beauty products. I buy some of my clothes there. As a born and raised Minnesotan it pains me a little to find fault with any of Target’s products, but honestly, I’ve never liked Archer Farms food very much.

  4. Kimra

    Ohh, Target. When I lived in the suburbs right after college and my gym was next to a Target, I would find myself in there at least 3 times a week buying something. Who gets into credit card debt because of Target? This gal.

    Anyway, now I go to Target about twice a year — at least until the one they’re building in downtown SF opens — but I make the most of it! The last time I went I finally tried on some of their C9 stuff, and the long-sleeved shirt I bought is now my favorite cold-weather running item.

  5. Julie

    WOW that event looks awesome! I am so jealous! I do love the c9 line and luckily I live close to a store. They also usually have reasonable to the lowest price on Chobani yogurt.


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