I’m Looking for Your Favorite Running Blogs!

I read a lot of blogs–both personally and professionally.

I’ve met a ton of people through blogging and running, but I know there are tons of running blogs out there I haven’t yet heard of! I’ve never wanted to put up a blogroll because I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I just put a Google bundle on my sidebar of running blogs that you can subscribe to if you use Google reader. (Just hit subscribe at the bottom.)

I’d like to add as many blogs as I can, so in the comments below, please share your favorite (or your own!) running blogs, and I will add them to this bundle so you can subscribe to The Giant List O’Running Blogs, too.

113 comments on “I’m Looking for Your Favorite Running Blogs!

  1. Lizzy

    Hi!! Great idea-
    these are my favs…

    Beck on the Run
    Runners Cookie
    Health on the Run
    Liz Runs DC
    Sweat Once a Day
    Losing Weight in the City
    Peanut Butter Runner
    Racing it Off
    Runners Rambles
    Runners Trials
    Run Track Mind
    Running in Hingham
    Sarah Fit
    Skinny Runner
    Ali on the Run
    Blonde Ponytail
    Meals for Miles
    Nurse on the Run
    Twenty Six and Some

    1. Meg Gayman

      @Lizzy: My tumblr blog has issues on reader feeds for some reason, I am thisclose to getting my self hosted blog out,it will here Monday actually!! As for other runner bloggers I like that are not already on your list:
      On these feet
      Just a Colorado Girl
      Running Starfish
      Girl with the Red Hair (she’s actually an official blogger for the Vancouver Marathon that I’m running in May)
      devoncrosbyhelms.com (she an elite ultra marathoner and also a personal chef, lives in the bay area, super awesome lady)

    1. Theodora Post author

      Oh, I didn’t realize I still had her in there! The folder’s the running blog folder I’ve had forever, and then some. I think I thought if I left her, maybe she’d come back 🙂

  2. Alexia

    Twenty Six and Then Some is great!

    BTW – thanks for being so inspiring. I’ve just started running. It’s hard work, but I feel accomplished every time.

  3. Lydia

    Is there a special trick to subscribing to the bundle? I click subscribe and go to a google reader page, but then nothing. Where do bundles normally show up in the Reader sidebar?

  4. Niki

    I just started my running/healthy living blog last night, so I’m still a very new blogger 🙂 I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for a while and I’m really excited to start my own and read all of your reccommendations!

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Andrea @ theMFDre

    I would love to be added! I love your blog. Just finished my first marathon ! Bring on #2

  6. Kimra

    I like this Google Bundle idea! I’ve never seen that before, but I have a whole folder-full of Fitness blogs in my reader. Mine are all mushed together (running, triathlon, general fitness stuff) but some running-specific ones I like that I’m not sure anyone’s mentioned yet are Angry Runner, Eat Drink and Run, and (for the SF crew!) Diary of an Average Runner and SF Road Warrior. And more. So many more.

    Mine hasn’t been much of a running blog lately, but uh, it’s up there with my name.

  7. @stephcherkezian

    I love this! I can’t wait to add even MORE blogs to my Google Reader.

    I have a blog with my friend Addy, who just completed her first half-marathon this past week at the DC Rock n’ Roll race. I’m looking to complete my first Olympic tri in August.


    Also, Theodora, I saw you and Tina climbing up the big hill on mile 6 this past weekend and shouted out to both of you. Love your blog!

    1. Theodora Post author

      Aw! I think I remember hearing you! I remember someone cheering and trying to figure out if it was someone I knew or not! 🙂

  8. Kiersten

    Hi Theodora,

    I’d love if you would include my running blog twenty-six for a twenty-something (26for25.blogspot.com). My latest post is about my experience running the Rome marathon on Sunday.

  9. Ericka @ The Sweet Life

    I like Mile Posts, Free Bird Runner, ReRunRunning, Healthy Ashley, Health on the Run, Dietician on the Run. More than that but can’t remember all! I look forward to browsing through the suggestions here cause I want new ones too!

  10. Elize Chalmers

    I hate to admit it, but I think that your blog is the first one I have even heard anyone talking about running. I guess I have to get out of my comfort zone online, take some chances and find something new to read.

  11. Shannon

    This is a great idea! I will definitely be subscribing to find new blogs, looks like you’ve already got my favorites. If you’re so inclined, I would love for mine to be on there. I will definitely be updating more often as triathlon training begins next month! 🙂

  12. Sara

    Whoa, I didn’t know about these Google Bundles – what a cool idea! I blog about weight loss (I’ve lost 76 pounds since the beginning of last year!), running (I started last June and am signed up for my first half marathon this coming September!) and life in general over at:


  13. MCM Mama

    I need to look into that google bundle thing more. I used to have a blog roll on blogspot that updated anytime I added to my reader (can’t remember how I set it up).

    Great list of blogs! Thanks for including me!

  14. Anne

    You seem to already have all my go-tos, so I’ll just shamelessly plug myself: Rileduprunner.wordpress.com. I’ve been looking for some new reading material, so thanks for the comprehensive list!

  15. cindylu

    Some of my other favorites have already been mentioned, but I really like MyRunShorts. Her take on running is less personal and more about general running themes, pop culture and running, etc.

    I occasionally blog about running at my blog (http://loteriachicana.net), but it’s not the main focus. I’m on the lookout for other Los Angeles based runners. It seems like a lot are in Orange County and that’s kinda far if you want to meet up with someone.

  16. Ruth K.

    My all time running blog is


    Amanda is amazing! She is a motivation in more ways than just running.

    I also read


    She is a twin mamma and the baby pics are just too darn cute.

    My blog is about conscious, healthy & happy living. It does include running but I am not a great runner YET ;).

    GREAT POST! such a fun way to put together and enormous amount of information that is out there on great running blogs.

    All my best from the tropic lands of El Salvador and good luck with moving day 🙂

  17. Jenny

    Run Eat Repeat is definitely a favorite of mine.

    I also started a blog to track my on/off relationship with C25K and eating healthy. It’s called Atlanta Miles. It’s not nearly as polished or structured as most of my favorite blogs, but it’s an honest account of my struggle with fitness and healthy eating.


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