Puppies and Sunshine

Because my blogging hasn’t been all puppies and sunshine lately…


Here is a puppy.

photo (51).JPG

And here’s sunshine. This is unfortunately not from today, as it’s a rainy mess in NYC.

Yesterday, I woke up early, laid in bed and made a million excuses to myself why I couldn’t run.


And then I saw a sign.


I saw my medal holder on my dresser and thought to myself, “Real runners don’t make dumb excuses,” and got myself out the door with Bailey for a run. I don’t often run with him since I’m usually running either too far or too fast for him, but yesterday I decided to just run for time, and run for about a half hour because it would either be that or nothing. We ran for about a half hour, so I’d assume we ran about 3 miles.

I have 10 miles planned for this weekend, but I slept until a blissfully late 9:30 this morning and have been relaxing all morning, which has been wonderful and much needed. I have a fun blogger workout event this afternoon, and I didn’t feel like rushing back from my run to get ready for the event. (Or doing it on tired legs.)

What’s your puppies and sunshine (your happy place)?

9 comments on “Puppies and Sunshine

  1. Bela

    I can only take Kobe for shorter runs as he is getting older :(. But he loves going out so sometimes it’s worth the shorter distances πŸ˜‰

  2. Christina

    My happy place is running on the Lakefront path in Chicago early in the morning when the sun is rising up. My other happy place is playing with my dog.


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