Jury Duty’s Not So Bad

Today is my third day of jury duty, and I have to say–it’s not so bad!

The hours are shorter than work. The lunch break is longer. It’s almost been like a little staycation in Lower Manhattan. Yesterday, I managed to get to a yoga class in the morning and cook eggs before I had to be here.

We had a long lunch recess yesterday, and I went for a manicure and a long walk. It was such a nice day that I can only describe it as intoxicatingly sunny. That’s right, I was drunk on sunshine.

photo 5.JPG

The courthouse. (This is an iPhone picture and not edited in the least. Same with the other photos.)

photo 4.JPG

The one salad that doesn’t bother my stomach–avocado, chicken, walnuts, dried cranberries and tomatoes, from Pret.

photo 3.JPG

City Hall.

photo 2.JPG

I think this is the Woolworth Building.

photo 1.JPG

That new fancy Gehry building.

I’d still like a real vacay, but this little trip to jury duty has been surprisingly good for my soul.

How do you chill out without leaving your city?

26 comments on “Jury Duty’s Not So Bad

  1. Gillian @ That's G

    I chill out (but still stay in LA) by going to the beach – or everyone once in awhile ditching my gym routine for a dinner out with friends.

    You should tell us what the case was about once it is all over! (I’m a law student and nerd-out on this kind of thing). 🙂

  2. Dori

    I LOVED jury duty when I had it. Two days of waking up later and getting dismissed by noon. They were also gorgeous, sunny days. It was such a nice break from work. I didn’t even get questioned to be a juror.

  3. Meghan

    I love staycations. Since we both have our families far away, any time we take off is usually to travel. When we get a day off just to stay in Boston, I love to wander and take little day trips.

  4. Katherine

    ugh I have to go tomorrow and I’m so scared I’ll get picked for a case! What’s the process even like? I can’t believe I’ve lived in NYC for 3 years and this is my first time!

    Glad you’re getting to enjoy the nice weather 🙂

    1. Theodora

      @Katherine: Getting picked wasn’t too bad! So you go and are put in the giant jury pool and then if they need jurors, you go and fill out a form asking some background questions. I think not everyone is always selected for a jury. If you are picked (I was), then you just sit there and listen to the arguments and witnesses and then have to deliberate and decide on a verdict. I was the freaking forewoman, so I had to deliver our verdict…

      Either way, there’s tons of downtime, so bring something to keep busy!

  5. KatieG

    In London I like to head to the river to chill out. When it’s sunny generally I pick up a book and head to Potters Fields by Tower Bridge for some reading, chilling and people watching.

  6. Liza

    I cook, clean my closets, organize! I used to give chilling a different meaning, but these days anything that’s not my routine of hospital-meetings-travel for work makes me feel sane again.

  7. Anne

    Small world! My good friend, Lindsay, just finished her third day of NYC jury duty today, too. AND she ran Sunday’s half marathon. You two should meet up and run during your mandatory hour-long lunches!

  8. dorry

    I love that you are having a staycation, and of course that you came to see me. :)such a perfect day for it yesterday. I made pretty much that same salad from the Chelsea Whole Foods today – it was amazing. I wonder when you’ll get to perform your fore-lady duties? that sounded almost as dirty as the 10-minute reference…

  9. Grant Brookes

    Yep, I have nver had a chance to perform a Jury duty so far, but whenever get a chance I would love to be a part of it. I have seen few of my friends think that it is a waste job, but being a part of the society I feel that it is a necessary duty.

    Great to know that you are also enjoying it!

  10. Taylor @ Lifting Revolution

    I just got summoned yesterday! I’ve never done it myself, I had been summoned while i was in college but since I didn’t go to school in my home town I got out of it. Guess, I can’t use that excuse 6 years later… lol.

  11. Kazzsandra

    This is actually the first time I have heard about avocado being included in a salad.. Looks interesting for me..

  12. Laura @ Joyful Shimmy

    I thought I saw you walking on the street a few days ago in my work neighborhood. My head was I know her she blogs Losing Weight in the City. Then I forgot. As I am catching up with the blog I see that you were indeed in downtown Manhattan. Did you check out the clothing store in Nassau Street? You can always find some random fun work pieces at a really cheap price.

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