Me vs. the Treadmill

Tonight’s run had every potential to suck.

It was 8:30 by the time I could get to the gym.

I didn’t want to. Like, not even a little bit. I’d missed a group run that Erica had organized tonight because I was still at work, and by the time I left work, it was already dark, and I didn’t really want to run outside in the dark.

But I have two big races coming up, and I want to feel strong and ready for them.

So, off to the gym it was.

I only had a long-sleeved shirt with me, and I thought I might melt into a sweaty mess, but I got on that damn moving belt of death.


5 miles, 47:25.

Mile 1: 6.0mph

Mile 2: 6.4

Mile 3: 6.5

Mile 4: started getting bored and just kept pushing the speed up

Mile 5: back to 6.0

I collapsed onto the mat in a sweaty mess to stretch.

Sorry, treadmill, I won this one.

25 comments on “Me vs. the Treadmill

  1. Emily (@EmSemm)

    That treadmill looks so fancy! And I used to hate it too, but that thing always kicks my ass in the best way.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Emily (@EmSemm): I guess it is a pretty fancy one! But it might have been too fancy, because it kept telling me it didn’t “detect me on the belt.” Because clearly I have such a light step…ha! 🙂

  2. Kaytee

    Sometimes the treadmill just needs to be shown who’s boss! I guess if you can go run at 8:30, I can make myself go work out out here in the Pacific Time Zone, too, huh.

  3. Linda

    Awesome for hitting the gym and showing that treadmill who’s boss. 🙂
    I went to Erica Sara’s group run. It would have been nice to see you there. I would say it would have been nice to run with you, but I pretty much ran with the group for about half a mile before everyone was way ahead of me. It was a fun run nevertheless. Bummer that you couldn’t make it. I think there will be more group runs in the future.

  4. Katie

    Adapting to a change in plans can be the biggest hurdle for me. It usually results in a skipped workout. So here’s a high five for you for making it to the gym! Good job!

  5. Ari @ Ari's Menu

    I hate the treadmill. I am so glad you kicked it’s ass! It totally deserves it. Sorry for swearing, but saying “I’m glad you kicked it’s butt” just doesn’t quite have the same effect 😉

  6. Kim

    That treadmill looks SO nice! The ones at my gym are so old, I feel like they’re ready to fall apart. 🙂

    Great job kicking its ass!!


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