Riding a Serious Runner’s High

You guys, I’m riding a serious runner’s high right now.

I had a fun week with blogger friends in town and had an awesome run with them Thursday morning. They definitely pushed me to go faster than I would have gone on my own.

This morning, I met up with Rebecca for part of my last long run before Reach the Beach. I had 8 miles on my schedule, and so I ran down to meet her at the Brooklyn Bridge.

photo 1.JPG

I ran down Broadway to meet her by the bridge. It was just before 9am, and the streets were relatively empty. Any later, and I would have been throwing elbows.

We met up at the bridge and ran together up the East Side for another 5 miles.


It was a gorgeous day, and it was fun to run with Rebecca, since we hadn’t run together since the fall when we were marathon training. We chatted about running and racing basically the entire time and it made me RIDICULOUSLY excited for Reach the Beach and training for Marine Corps. The nice weather didn’t hurt either.

photo 3.JPG

On the way back home, I saw this Cake vs. Shake cart. I didn’t stop at it, but…yum. Team Cake all the way.

Towards the end of the run, my stomach started getting really upset, and I had to stop to walk a few times.


Which I’m sure has nothing to do with this really strong beer I had last night.


I also tested out one of the outfits I’ll be wearing next weekend.

New Balance Icefil t-shirt

The t-shirt was fine. I’m usually not super-picky about my tops. As long as they’re not really tight around my stomach or really loose, I don’t care too much. Once it’s warm enough to wear a t-shirt, though, I usually wear a tank top to run outside to minimize weird tan lines.

New Balance Prism Run Shorts

I’m a fairly modest person when it comes to wearing things that are tight or short, so I thought these shorts were pretty short when I put them on, and I felt really self-conscious as I started out on my run. I also put a TON of Vaseline on my legs so I didn’t chafe. Once I started running, though, the shorts didn’t bother me at all and didn’t end up chafing. This outfit will be just fine next weekend.

(If you missed the original post, New Balance [also my client at work, full disclosure] is sponsoring our team, which included hooking us up with some gear before and LOTS of surprises next week!)

Oakley Urgency Sunglasses

I got these sunglasses at FitblogNYC the other day and was really curious about them. I’ve never run in sunglasses, because, really, I buy more than enough running stuff and I didn’t think I needed to add special running glasses to that. But this morning was really sunny and I figured I might have a really sunny leg during RTB next week, so I decided to give them a try. I’m pretty picky with sunglasses, so I didn’t expect to like them, but they didn’t budge at all while I was running and I got used to them really quickly.

Pretty sure I’m going to have a one-track mind from now until October 28 (with a brief triathlon interlude.)

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  1. Annie

    Ah Cake Vs Shake… why can’t we just have both? The Oakley looks awesome though.. how much did you score for it?


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