Recipe for an Awesome Day

1 part early morning longer-than-usual dog walk

1 part unexpected after-work rainy, Garmin-less run

photo (57).JPG

1 part whole wheat pasta with TJ’s meatballs, grape tomatoes and pesto


1 part solo Katy Perry kitchen dance party

and 1 part cookie-baking. I’ve had these cookies on my mind since Reach the Beach, and I finally made them tonight. And will devour them tomorrow.


What’s your recipe for a good day? And turning around what might have been a less-than-good day?

14 comments on “Recipe for an Awesome Day

  1. Jamie

    Those all sound like ingredients for a perfect day for me as well. I especially love the Garmin-less run. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy exercise and not know how fast/far we have gone. Its very liberating!

  2. Christina

    My day was almost identical to yours! Ok not really. My awesomeness came by way of an amazing run! It changed the whole day for me, love when that happens. And if you feel like sharing cookies I’ll bring the wine hahaha

  3. Cheryl

    A great run and cookies? The makings of a perfect day in my book! Love the blue tank! Where did you get it?


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