Sand Beneath My Toes

Um, can this weekend never end?

Last night, I had a fun night out with Ashley and some friends and managed to rally and head to the beach this morning after a late night.



Lacey and I hopped on the subway at 10:30 and headed out to Rockaway. It was me, Lacey, and everyone else in the city.

I really dislike the word foodie–it can be such a pretentious, excluding word–but Rockaway has lots of great food. I passed out immediately on the beach and woke up dying for some food.


Lobster roll? Oh hell yeah. I missed my opportunity to celebrate National Lobster Day last week, so I had to celebrate today. Obviously.


And a cold beer on the beach was pretty wonderful, too.


Don’t worry, I didn’t drink and swim.

It’s a good thing I brought back lots of sand with me so I can have a little bit of the beach with me at work tomorrow. In my bags. In my shoes. In my phone. In my camera.

Are you as awkward as me and drag half the beach home with you, too?

19 comments on “Sand Beneath My Toes

  1. Jenna

    What street in Rockaway were you on? I guess little known fact for people coming from outside Rockaway is that the really high numbered streets, though a little further up, are beautiful and very family-oriented.

      1. Jenna

        hey Theodora- that area was just recently developed- i havent made it there yet. If you go down to the 130-140’s there are beautiful beach mansions and it’s just more quiet overall:) I live just over the bridge in Brooklyn.

  2. Alisson Evans

    Oh, you really have a great time with your friends. It is really nice to spend wonderful time together with friends this summer. In fact, we went to beach last week with my friends and family. We enjoyed spending time in a splendid pristine water.

  3. Lisa @ Exercise Eat Repeat

    What a lovely day. The weather here in England is terrible and i have even had the heating on! Also that roll looks fantastic. My mouth is watering just thinking about it mmm. I always bring the beach home, half the fun!

  4. Chelsea

    I’m still shaking out sand from my beach day last week too 🙂 Definitely agree about the food. I hit up Rockaway Taco on 96th and it was so delish, especially after working up an,appetite in the waves!

  5. Cathryn Ramsden

    My son always brings half the beach home in his nappy, I have no idea how he manages it but he’s an expert!! Beach days are so nice but in Northern California, beach days are always cloudy and cold in the Summer…ah the irony.

  6. Laura @joyful shimmy

    Oh the beach… How much I miss it. See I grew up a few blocks away from the beach in San JUan PR. so this may sound like a silly question but did you have to pay to go to the rockaway beach?
    Last year my friend dragged me to the beach in westchester and we had to pay a silly fee to hang out in the beach.

  7. Trishia Hanley

    It is very important to give break to ourselves and take a short vacation. Then, taking vacation in the beach is a good option to relax and unwind. It is really good to stay and rest at the beach, join water activities and more.


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