Still Basking in the PR

I’m still basking in my PR from yesterday’s Mini 10K. When I started running three years ago, I was so excited to be able to hold 12-minute miles. At the time, I hoped I’d get faster, but I never would have dreamed I’d be able to hold an 8:26 pace over 6 miles. But I did!!!

I’m also really happy to have had such an awesome race before I start marathon training in a few weeks. I’m glad to go into marathon training with a few strong runs under my belt to set the tone for four awesome months of kick-ass running.

I am trying really hard to not overcommit myself and fill every minute of every day, but I’ve had lots of fun since brunch yesterday.


Last night, Rebecca and I had a hot sushi date at Mizu.

Pro tips: it just reopened and doesn’t have a liquor license yet, so it’s BYOB! Also, they have brown rice for their sushi rolls now.

I started with a seaweed salad, one of my new favorite things.


Rebecca and I both ordered the Bahama roll, which had spicy grilled salmon, cucumber, avocado and mango. She’s doing Paleo, so she had her roll wrapped in cucumber, which is apparently a thing.

After killing a bottle of wine at dinner, we went to Leticia’s for some more quality runner time. And more wine. And cupcakes. I was very much in my happy place…or maybe that was just the wine.

After getting home late last night, I had to be up early this morning for a work New Balance event.


Meet Newbie, my new BFF. That poor guy must have been so hot in the costume.

The event was a media/mom blogger event to showcase their kids’ lines.

Little baby Minimuses? I die.

I also finally met Gia’s precious children and melted a little inside.

By the time I got home around noon, I was exhausted.



But not too tired to hit up the Big Apple BBQ with Rebecca and some of her friends. I mean, I don’t think I would ever be too tired for pulled pork.






I hung out for a little bit, but was too exhausted and sore to stand around after standing all morning, so I peaced out fairly quickly for the most wonderful nap ever.

I skipped a blogger event that sounded a lot of fun because I was pretty sure my muscles would snap if I did a barre class, and ended up swimming this evening and swam out some lactic acid…and wine.

How was your weekend, and what’s your favorite workout to sweat out some wine? Other than running, I really like Bikram and swimming for sweating out some wine.

23 comments on “Still Basking in the PR

  1. Helen Terims

    I love reading your post. I also engage in marathon training. Most of my vacant time I indulge in marathon activities. Talking about your photos, they are really pretty. I love eating sushi as well.

  2. Cathryn Ramsden

    Congratulations on the PR….that’s an amazing achievement. Your 10k pace is faster than my fastest-ever-mile pace…I’m wowed!!

    Had a good weekend…a good 9 miler on Saturday and then I aided and abetted the purchase of an iPhone by my husband!!! Most excited.

  3. Megan@ The Running Doc

    It’s so nice to know that it’s possible to get faster! I feel like I’ve been stuck at 10 min miles for forever but reading about your PR just let’s me know that with a little more dedication I can definitely get faster!

  4. Jenni

    You are so inspiring me to keep at running! I would still be basking too 🙂

    Have to say my favorite way to sweat out wine is running, followed by gentle yoga. Usually enough to renew me!

  5. Katrine

    I’m the girl still slogging through 11+ minute miles. Will it ever get easier? Huge props for your pr-you deserve it!

  6. Mads

    I think I’m too old to get any faster! I started running 5 years ago and have progressed from 11.5 minutes miles to my best half marathon pace which was a little over 9 minute miles a year ago. But I don’t seem to be able to get any faster than that. Maybe I don’t want it enough!

    I’ve entered the ballot for the London Marathon this year – wonder if I could better my NYC marathon time (which I was pleased with ) of 4.41?

  7. Michele @ nycrunningmama

    Holy Cannoli you had a busy weekend!!! I’m bummed that I missed brunch on Sat AND Leticia’s fun wine/cupcakes night!!! Darn sister’s wedding =)
    I agree – it’s SO nice going into training for a big event with some great races/runs under your belt.
    Congrats, again, on the PR – you’ve had such a HUGE improvement in a short amount of time – amazing!

  8. fionarwbl

    Spinning is the best hangover cure for me, or hot yoga. I went to Big Apple BBQ Fest on Saturday – so much fun although the lines were insane! You are inspiring me to move my online running buds into IRL friends 🙂


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