#teamoffbalance For Life

Just in case you didn’t get truly sick of hearing about when I basically went to adult summer camp, stayed in a van with some buds, did some running and had OMG the best time of my life, here’s the last video from Reach the Beach, as well as the earlier ones, since I never shared them all on my blog–just on Twitter/Facebook.

Luckily, the videographer took note of how painfully uncomfortable I am on video, and I don’t make too many speaking appearances, just some dance appearances, which despite their awkwardness, are still less awkward than me speaking on video.

6 comments on “#teamoffbalance For Life

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  2. Katie

    Those videos are amazing! The relay looks like so much fun! I guess it’s going on the bucket list 🙂 Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Jack Brumm

    FYI Theodora, the videographer thought your were totally awesome in all respects. What went into the video was simply a matter of having a very limited amount of time to tell a story. I assure you we never thought you awkward in anyway. signed – The Videographer.


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