White Jeans: A Non-Scale Victory

When I was losing weight, I was lucky/stubborn enough to have a scale victory every week.

It was awesome.

I became really confident with my body, and I loved the mini-milestones of being able to fit into some size or sort of clothing I hadn’t been able to before.

Forget weight loss supplements–if I could bottle up that feeling, that feeling I felt losing weight and gaining so much confidence, well, then I would have enough money to build a closet just for my workout clothes.

But since I hit my goal weight around two years ago, the non-scale victories have mostly been running-related. Which is more than fine.

Since Memorial Day, I’ve noticed quite a few ladies wearing white jeans. I know this is not a new trend, but I never considered wearing white jeans. I never thought I could pull them off.

But I’ve noticed women of all shapes and sizes wearing them, so I decided I, too, could give them a try.


If there is a non-awkward way to take a self-timer outfit photo, I do not know it. (Nor do I usually wear a headband as part of my outfit; I put this back on for a photo after the gym.)

But yesterday, I grabbed a pair of white jeans at Madewell (on sale in store, along with some other colored denim, but not online) and this tee (also on sale!), and I woke up this morning and declared the outfit a non-scale body victory.

Tell me about a recent non-scale (health-related) victory in your life.

Also, Team White Jeans or no?

30 comments on “White Jeans: A Non-Scale Victory

  1. Linda

    i never wear white pants, not because of any weight related issue, but because they would be dirty in two seconds if I had them on. If they managed to stay clean after riding the bus and subway, I’d end up dropping food on them. The only big plus about white pants and messes is that one could theoretically bleach out any stains (although bleach kills the environment).

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Linda: One day in, and they’re already looking a little gray. But by some miracle, I did not spill or drop any food or beverage on them!

  2. Nanz

    I had mine last year when at the end of 16 personal training sessions, I finally wore fitted tapered crop pants to the gym…my trainer was surprised herself and so was I :). It was a first ! I finally felt confident in the Zumba class, even though the weight loss was 8lbs, this visual win gave me much more of a high 🙂 Since then though I have regained those 8 lbs and am working to get rid of those and more for good ! Am waiting to get into a nice pastel shade of skinny jeans !

  3. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    I’ve never worn colored jeans before, but you look great! I am in a similar place to you. I lost a decent amount of weight almost 2 years ago and have kept it off so I’ve stopped with the scale victories. Now it’s the little things. Maybe colored jeans for me someday- just not white, I spill (a lot).

  4. Cathryn Ramsden

    White jeans look amazing on my friends but I know I would get them dirty in a heartbeat. And my toddler would take it as a personal challenge!!!

    My latest mini victory…finishing the first chapter of The Sound and the Fury. Oh my word it’s hard!!

  5. Michelle@PeachyPalate

    Team white jeans all the way in the spring summer definitely! Also team putting twice the amount of napkins over my knees while I’m eating when wearing them as I’ve a terrible habit of spilling food on myself!

  6. Kim @ Living, Laughing & Losing

    I don’t see myself in white jeans (yet), but they look adorable on you!

    I was wearing clothes that were too big on me thinking they made me look smaller. In reality, they just made me look more frumpy. Lately, I’ve been wearing pants/capris and tops that fit better and it’s actually given me some confidence.

  7. fionarwbl

    You look awesome in them!! I love white jeans, and love madewell jeans in particular. I swear by their rail straight jeans as my “sunday afternoon” jeans.

  8. Liz

    DEFINITELY Team White jeans. I remember when I bought my first pair, it was such a victory. Recent non-scale victory = a pair of jean shorts I bought two months ago are now too big!

  9. Michele @ nycrunningmama

    I absolutely adore white jeans but have never felt confident enough to wear them. Although I have been checking out some maternity ones online…The crazy thing is that I am more confident about my body when I am pregnant. I think I let go of all my concerns about a little jiggle here or there and embrace the womanly changes that are occurring.
    PS. You look awesome. =)

  10. Alyse

    I’ve got a pair of white corduroy pants in my closet waiting for me to fit in them. I think I should be able to in about 15 pounds and I can’t wait! I’ve never worn white pants. Question though, what color underoos with white pants?? White seems the obvious choice but maybe nude would be better? After so many years of t-shirts and jeans I’m pretty fashion-stupid. Is it okay to wear corduroy anymore, anyway? Okay, I don’t know if I’m interrogating you or myself now…

    Have a good day!

  11. Jenni

    I would probably be into the white jeans if I hadn’t had to wear them for years as a teenager when I worked at the Dean & Deluca bakery…then captured for all eternity in our senior yearbook! But I think they look great on you 🙂

  12. Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run

    If you can pull them off, I say freakin’ GO for it! I have a pair of white cargo pants, actually, and I haven’t worn them since I got out of college. I love them, but have a TINY bit more to lose before I can pull them off again. 🙂 LOVE the outfit!

  13. Nicole

    I love wearing white pants (cotton) but don’t wear my white jeans too often. White always makes me feel like I’m about to step onto a yacht 🙂

  14. Christine

    You look amazing in white jeans. I like white jeans, but I have 4 kids so can’t wear them. I would literally look like a trash can/napkin by the end of the day.

  15. Trish

    yes on white jeans, actually had a nice victory this am in the physique locker room when i put on my white pencil skirt that used to be tight and was now lose…score!

  16. Charlotte

    Great call with the white jeans! I love clothes stuff as non-scale victory rewards.When I reached my current weight two months ago, I celebrated with a dress with a built-in waist. I was so excited about having a waist and fitting into a waisted dress that I a) bought a belt to draw attention to it and b) took gratuitous self-portraits and emailed them to my BFF.


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