Friends and Family, Not the Discount Kind

While I was generally not the happiest camper when I lived in DC, one of the biggest things was I hated not being near my family. I know many of you reading this live much further away from your families, but for this only child from a tight-knit Italian/Irish family, 250 miles was just too much for me.

Thirty miles, separated by river crossings, works just right for me. Close enough that I can go home easily or my mom can come in easily, far enough that she can’t surprise me that often. Longer than a marathon. (Speaking of which, Week #3 training update tomorrow.)

She knew I didn’t have much going on this weekend and suggested I come home today. For whatever reason, I’ve been exhausted, so I suggested she come in instead and we go to the Met to see the Prada exhibit. (If you are in NYC or have a trip planned here in the next two weeks, I highly recommend it.)

I slept in until 9 this morning and wanted to just lay around all day, but I had 5 miles on my training plan, so off I went. I fell within the first mile as some guy and I both misjudged where the other one was, and almost turned around but kept going. On a positive note, I’m getting really good at dusting myself off and keeping running after a fall. Today, I was supposed to “run easy,” so the fall also helped to slow me down. So…there’s that.


We had a lovely lunch in the Petrie Court Cafe. It backs up onto Central Park, and I pretended to talk to my mom but really watched everyone running and biking on the loop.

I had a veggie frittata (and pushed off that ricotta) with tomatoes and wilted dandelions. Which was far tastier than it sounded.


She had the pasta with pesto, asiago and vegetables. Which, truthfully, was way better.


We saw the Prada exhibit and then wandered through the Egyptian art. Mom, watch out or I’m making you a mummy.


Gap Kids Olympics t-shirt, corduroy skirt and boat shoes. I was clearly rocking some high fashion to visit the Prada exhibit.

If friends are the family you choose, I spent the evening with part of the family I’ve made in New York, crashing Ashley and Bo’s family dinner with Bo’s little sister.




Chilean sea bass over shirataki noodles and shiitake mushrooms.

Also, I am now addicted to The Newsroom.

How close do you live to your family? Who makes up the family that you’ve chosen? Favorite show?

16 comments on “Friends and Family, Not the Discount Kind

  1. Shauna@Pleasure, not Punishment

    You and your mom are adorable! I had a sigh of NY envy at the thought of the Prada exhibit…

    I struggle with living a flight away from my Dad who is my BFF. He’s in Seattle which is a great town to visit but I can only afford to do so occasionally. It’s tough. The older we get, the more precious and fleeting the time feels, huh?


  2. Sana

    I am so glad that it is acceptable in my Indian culture for me to be living at home because I can’t imagine moving out. Ever.

  3. Mom

    So glad that I could drive into the City and see my daughter. Yesterday was a fun day, I have always treasured my days spent with my daughter ,Time goes by quickly glad she lives in NYC now and that she actually wants to spend time with me showing me all the sights of NYC!


  4. Lauri

    All that food loooks great and I actually like the Gap kids t-shirt 🙂

    We live in MD, almost my entire family lives in MA, my brother lives in Miami and almost all of my in laws are in upstate NY. It’s tough beign so far away but we manage to see them all often. friends truly are the family you choose for yourselves and we have chosen a great group here in MD to be our family!

  5. Laura @ sweatingforit

    My family started in north Louisiana and has slowly migrated south. I live in New Orleans and my parents and sisters live within 3 hours of me. But my brother lives in Richmond,VA, much too far away! However, all of my husband’s family lives in the New Orleans area, so I’m really lucky for that.

  6. Kiersten

    I moved back to Maine last fall and I love being closer to my family again. I am about an hour and half from my Mom, which is perfect. As you said, we can see each other easily but not too easily. However, moving back meant leaving my roommates in Boston, who were my created family. I miss all our little rituals.

  7. Cathryn @ My Heart's Content

    I live the other side of the world from my family – I’m in California, they’re in the UK. It breaks my hearts, to be honest. I think about an hour away (maybe two) would be perfect. But not for the moment. Although THEY ARE COMING TO CALIFORNIA ON THURSDAY!!! Excited? Me?

    In the meantime, we have ‘family’ here…people we love who love us. We’re pretty lucky.

  8. Meghan

    I live in Boston, and my family is from NJ. Thanks to Jet Blue’s good deals, I get home about every 6 weeks or so. My husband’s family is in Ireland. Luckily, we *have* to go visit them twice a year. 🙂 We’ve built a great community of neighbors and friends (some blog-related!) that are a second family.

  9. Climbing Magnolias

    While for many years, probably in rebellion, I toyed with the idea of going to college in South Carolina, I ultimately ended up 2.5 hours from my family. Which like you said, is a similar enough distance– close enough that I can go home for a weekend but far enough to feel independent from my parents!

    and ahhh I wish I could see that exhibit!


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