Fueled by Margaritas

…and not the shot bloks. Although those are delicious, too.

After a busy spring, and with a busy fall of races, conferences and weddings coming up, I subconsciously made July the Month of No Plans. While I do really like filling my calendar with lots of fun stuff, sometimes I just need time to let plans happen spontaneously.

So I had no plans when I got home from work yesterday. If plans came up, I was going to be okay with that. If not, I was also going to be more than happy being in bed by 10. Being old is awesome.

I had a summer Friday and was home by 4:30, in sweatpants and all ready for a relaxing night, until Laura asked if I wanted to meet up for a margarita.

Well, twist my arm.


She suggested we meet up at Agave, a Mexican place in the West Village. Laura described it as a place with high-quality ingredients, and New York mag described it as “A happy surprise of a place that looks intended for a margarita onslaught.”

I was ready for the margarita onslaught.

They had different flavors, and while I usually stay away from flavored margaritas because they’re too sweet, these used real fruit. I started with that pomegranate beaut up there. You know, for the antioxidants.


Laura got a strawberry one, which was a little too sweet for me.


Next, I got a blood orange one, which had a great, tangy taste. I also tried their plain one, which was good, but not photographed because…it looked like a plain margarita.

It was a ridiculously cheap happy hour, because the drinks were $5 a piece…

…and they had the Foursquare/Amex special, so I’ll get an extra $5 back on my next statement.


Next, we moved on to Citrus for dinner. (Which I just realized is owned by the same people who own Josie’s, one of my favorite chill places to eat in the city.)

I thought their beer descriptions, especially for Corona and Sapporo were amusing.



Since it’s a Latin/Asian fusion restaurant, I wanted to try food of both styles, so I got the taco sampler and a mushroom/mango sushi.

I had another beer there and another one at a another bar we went to and was in bed before midnight and hoping I hadn’t sabotaged my long run for today.

I woke up, drank as much water as possible, and rallied to go meet Jocelyn, Fiona and Ashley.

Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 2.11.47 PM.png

I ran 2 miles to meet them at the Intrepid, and apparently became really fast overnight. WTF Garmin? If he’s right, I’m going to see about a walk-on spot for the Olympics.


I restarted my Garmin there because I didn’t want that weird mile to mess with my per-mile average.

We ran south, to the tip of Manhattan and then up the East side.

Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 2.14.54 PM.png

I’m really happy with our pace for those 7 miles. It was a good, solid run and I had some awesome company.

Jocelyn and I were both done with our mileage for the day (she ran 7-8ish before meeting up with us!) around the same time and live near each other, so we stopped around the tennis courts on the east side and walked about another 2 miles home, chatting and discovering that our moms are basically the same person.

Are there any foods/drinks that are unexpectedly decent fuel for your workouts? I may just go to Agave before all my long runs now.


9 comments on “Fueled by Margaritas

  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Margarita fueled runs…I’m definitely intrigued! haha!
    My favorite workout fuel is FitMixer Amino. It’s honestly pushed me through some awesome workouts and I’m not sure anything has made me feel better during a workout.

  2. Rachel F.

    Oh my gosh, Citrus is one of my absolute favorite New York restaurants. Next time you go you have to get the sushi combo. The spicy tuna banana roll is amazing. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it works.

  3. Cathryn @ My Heart's Content

    I’m keen to try margaritas as running fuel…maybe before a tempo run as opposed to next week’s half marathon. I don’t have any fueling secrets, but I do find watermelon is great after a run as it’s so rehydrating!!!

  4. Katie

    I wish my entire life was fueled by margaritas! I am pretty sure I would be a far better runner and all around citizen. Huge props to you for getting out there and banging out the miles despite your previous evening’s activities 🙂


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