Week 2 MCM Training + Arugula Pasta

I’m done with my second week of Marine Corps training, and today is a rest day!


Tuesday, I had a great 4-miler.

Wednesday was supposed to be 5 miles of hills, but I overslept in the morning (I jinxed myself when I said I was finally a morning runner) and was too tired to after work. MAJOR FAIL.

Thursday, I ended up doing a little cross-training in my apartment and trying a Blogilates video, because otherwise I’d be running four days in a row, which I was pretty sure my legs would hate.

Friday, I had a lovely pre-work 5-miler.

Saturday, I had a fun long run with friends.

Screen shot 2012-07-23 at 7.40.05 AM.png

And last night, I had a lovely 5.5 miles solo. I ran up 5th Ave (and tried not to take out any tourists) and into the park. I ran up to the Reservoir and then exited on the west side and ran down to 72nd. I was still feeling good when I hit my planned 5, so I added just a little more in.

While I’m bummed at myself for missing a run last week, I still had four other solid runs. Five days a week of running is new to me, but I’m giving it a try in hopes that increasing my mileage and pushing myself will ultimately help me get faster. In the upcoming weeks, I definitely need to add some strength training and yoga in, too.

Yesterday, while procrastinating my run, I saw this on Pinterest:

Source: keyingredient.com via Theodora on Pinterest

YUM! I couldn’t stop thinking of this recipe yesterday and went straight to the grocery store after my run to get the ingredients. When I get busy, cooking is the first thing to fall by the wayside, so I’ve been awful about cooking lately.

I forgot to buy basil and cheese…and didn’t pay attention to any of that fancy “reserve the water” stuff, but it still turned out well, and it’s coming to work with me today for lunch. Oh, and I used whole wheat fusilli.



I also grilled some chicken breasts in my grill pan and added those in afterwards. (I swear the tomatoes are in there.)

So. How was your week o’workouts last week, and make any good recipes lately? Feel free to link ’em up.

13 comments on “Week 2 MCM Training + Arugula Pasta

  1. Cathryn @ My Heart's Content

    My week of workouts went well – I have my half marathon this Sunday and I’m as ready as I’m going to be which is a good feeling!!!

    Last night I made Flapjack (a British oat cake type thing which is brilliant for running fuel). I’m making it again this weekend as my pre-race breakfast! Recipe here (you did say i could link to it). I love it, I’m on a mission to introduce it to America 🙂


  2. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I made a pretty easy mexican rice the other night by using microwavable brown rice, black beans, salsa and roasting some veggies that were on their last leg. It was super yummy and I actually can’t wait for dinner! 😉

  3. niki

    I have to give you credit, lady! Running five days a week is rough! You had a few back to back runs this week which is awesome. I only ran 9 miles yesterday and my legs were so sore that I had to stick to cardio today.

  4. Nicole

    This crazy heat has meant lots of indoor workouts.
    I’m in full summer produce mode with dinner…fresh tomatoes, lots of basil, a splash of EVOO, balsamic vinegar and to be oh-so-Euro, crusty bread, cheese, and a little turkey on the side.

  5. Sokphal

    For me quality vs. quantity. Four solid runs is better than five doing-this-just-because-RW-says-so runs. When I followed the plan last year, I def. missed runs but looking back, those missed-runs weren’t make-or-break. Keep up the solid work! 🙂 Week two for me: two thumbs up! P.S. Your last post makes me want to try trapezing! SO cool!

  6. Meghan

    Eh, my workouts aren’t what they should be considering I have a marathon to run in November. I have been seeing such great results in the mirror from intervals and weights; I don’t want to do long runs but need to!

  7. fionarwbl

    Last week of workouts was great – especially the long run :). This week – I still haven’t managed to make it out for a run, even if it is cutback week 🙁


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