MCM Week 4 Training

DailyMile, we need to talk.

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I had a great training week last week, but I’d hardly call it epic.

Tuesday: Nothing spectacular; nothing terrible. Just a run.


Wednesday: A tough 5-mile treadmill workout.

Thursday: A one-mile time trial which I am INCREDIBLY happy with. 6:10? Oh. hell. yes. According to Wikipedia, 6:13 was the women’s mile world record in 1920. So…how about we just pretend that it’s 1920 and I just broke the world record?


[Photo via Meghann]

Friday: An AMAZING run with Meghann. We chatted, and I felt like we were running fast, but never felt like I was dying, and somehow the first two miles we busted out were at 7:21 and 7:18! Hey Meghann, how about you move here and we train together? Thanks.

Saturday: Oh Saturday. I woke up at 5 on Friday to run with Meghann, went to sleep sometime after midnight after being at BlogHer/Physique/dinner at Agave all day and then woke up at 7 to run. I was supposed to run 5 miles, per my training schedule. I laid in bed and thought how much I wanted to go back to sleep. Finally, I saw people tweeting about Summer Streets and got my ass out of bed and over to Park Ave. My legs were tight and heavy, and I had zero energy. I though maybe I’d feel a little better once I started, but I got about 1/2 a mile in before deciding to bag it. Part of me was really frustrated with myself, but most of me was happy to not be running since it was going to be so miserable, and probably more harmful than helpful.

Sunday: After a weekend of long days and nights, a few margaritas and not much sleep, I had low expectations for this run, too. I met up with a few runner buddies for breakfast and to watch the women’s Olympic marathon before going for our own long run. Laura, her boyfriend and I ran 11 miles–from the East 30s, south around the tip (just the tip), up to the West 60s. It. was. hot. And humid.

I’m not a super-sweaty person, but when I finished, there was not a dry inch on my clothing. I spared you a picture of this one. I’ve been running my long runs probably a little faster than I should, but the heat kept me at the pace I was supposed to be at, according to my plan: 10:04. I should also add that I messed up the week before on my long run and was supposed to do 12 and did 11; this week I was supposed to do 10, so I did 11, to make up for that mile last week.

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Overall, I’m happy with the runs I did get in. They were all really solid. I’m definitely a little disappointed with the run I didn’t get in, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. Looking back at my plan, I also added an extra mile on Friday by accident, so I only ended up 2 miles short of my mileage goal.

So far, I don’t think I’ve gotten my planned five runs in during any of these weeks. I’m trying to decide going forward between:

1. Just trying to get in as many of the runs as possible, and if it’s only 4, it’s only 4.

2. Adjusting my plan to a 4-day per week plan with more miles per day.

What would you do? How many days a week do you run?

13 comments on “MCM Week 4 Training

  1. Laura

    1 million bonus points to you for also referencing “just the tip.” I will be sure to come up with more dirty references for any long training runs we do together.

    And I am also happy to help you put together a 4 day a week training program if that helps?

  2. Ash Bear

    I think running 4 times per week is far more reasonable for someone with a schedule like yours, especially since Junior League is only going to get busier!

  3. Charlie (The Runner Beans)

    I would do 4 days a week, giving you more time to recover and less excuse for missing runs!! I definitely couldnt run more than 4 times a week! at the moment I am having trouble forcing myself out of bed at 5.30 for my pre-work runs!

  4. Jess

    I’m struggling with five days of per week of running too. I’m either too exhausted or my legs are having none of it. I’m thinking of dropping back to a 4-day running plan and then using that 5th day either as an easy run, cross-training or a rest day depending on what I feel. I’m hoping that leaves my legs stronger and more well-rested for the quality workouts. We’ll see though, it’s an experiment.

  5. fionarwbl

    6:10 mile? Say WHAAATTTT????? That is awesome, girl!!

    I would go for 4 runs a week and then you get some flexibility back in your life for being able to move runs around your schedule.

    1. Theodora

      @fionarwbl: The only thing about 4 runs per week is that most of the distances, then, are not that daunting. I worry with a 4-run per week schedule, I’m going to get into a lot longer during-the-week runs.

  6. Lindsay

    Be honest with yourself and set 4 times per week. That way, if you feel like running a 5th day you can, but you wont’ feel guilty if you don’t. And 4 days is still very respectable!

  7. Kristin

    I’ve had too many injuries to risk massive volume so I aim to run four days a week with slightly higher mileage per run. The extra days off seem to provide the cushion I need to avoid breaking another bone or tearing more soft tissue. I bike and swim on the other days, sometimes go hiking to keep building leg resilience but not beat the hell out of myself so much!

  8. Kimra

    I’m running 3 days on land + 1 day of “running” in the pool, and it seems to be working well so far, but my weekday mileage is about to go way up, which I’m pretty nervous about. Five and six before work, I could handle. Seven and eight? EEK!


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