Running for Mike

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This morning, my schedule called for 8 miles of hills. I had plans to go to the Giants game tonight, so I had to knock it out this morning.

I was mostly adjusted to morning running, but my runs keep going and getting longer on me. Seven miles one day last week, runs of 8, 9 and 10 in upcoming weeks. Silly marathon. While those are technically “mid-distance” runs, they’re still pretty damn long for mid-week runs that need to be squeezed in with a full day of work and usually some sort of commitment after work.

I’m nervous about those long mid-week runs coming up in the next few weeks and how I’m going to get them in.

But I’m lucky. And I’m choosing to do this. Because I enjoy it, and because I know it will pay off on October 28.

Mike had surgery this morning. It’s worth it to him, he said, if he can run again after the surgery. He’ll be on crutches for a few weeks and then have some physical therapy after that.

So I ran for him this morning.

On sore, heavy, tired legs, telling myself to STFU and just run up to the park and get my hill training in.


Who do you run for?

14 comments on “Running for Mike

  1. Caroline

    Yesterday after work while all of my friends were meeting at a bar I took advantage of the beautiful weather and did 8 over the brooklyn bridge and around the park, at first I was grumpy that I wasn’t out having fun, then I thought about what you said and how lucky I am to be able to do this!! I felt awesome afterwards and I’m sure I feel a lot better this morning compared to how I would have felt if I stayed out for drinks!!!

  2. Nicole

    Props to you for doing those 8,9, 10-milers mid-week…in the AM!
    When I run I keep in mind a good friend who struggled through Leukemia last year. We used to be running buddies in Chicago – and it struck me when he said he barely had energy to cross the street.

  3. Lauri

    Mid week longer runs are hard! My long runs are stll only 7-9 miles so to me running that as just a midweek run sounds tough! Good for you for working it in before work though. I run (and work out) so my 4 year old son can see that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle!

  4. Kristin

    Nice work. I’m sitting here right now with an 8 miler on the schedule but I’m so sore from gym workouts and thinking about postponing. But after reading this I think I’ll suck it up and get out there. It’s a gorgeous morning and I’m lucky I can spend an hour plus on my feet enjoying it. Right now I’m running for my grandma. She’s 94 years old and after being fiercely independent has taken a bit of a hit and struggles to stand up and walk across the room. While visiting her in Michigan I ran a half marathon in a half Ironman relay and she called mid-way to see how I was doing. She was just amazed I could run 13 miles. I’m amazed she’s still going at 94 and not giving up.

  5. Ally

    I love your blog!

    Will you write a post on dating in NYC? I’m single, and moving to NYC in a few months, and have always wondered what the dating scene is like there! I’ve heard such mixed things, and would love to hear your thoughts on it. Totally understand if this is too personal / something you’d rather not share, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

  6. Cait @ Cait Strides

    That’s awesome! I read your post about your co-worker the other day and it inspired me too. The only reason I got out of bed this morning for my 8-miler was because I told myself, “this is a privilege to be able to do this – not everyone can.”


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