Bronx Ten-Miler Race Recap


These are the faces of three very happy runners after the Bronx 10-Miler.

I’ve really missed running, and it’s a good way to work miles into a long run, so I signed up for this bad boy a few weeks ago.

I’ve also not run a 10-miler since the Army Ten-Miler in 2009 when I first started running, so I really wanted to do a race of that distance. I ran that at a pace of 11:58, so I knew that even though I’d be running on tired legs today, I’d still PR!

I had to get in 18 and Rebecca had to get in 20, so we met up to run up to the Bronx together. I ran over to meet Rebecca in the East 20s. I think it was probably about 3/4 of a mile but I couldn’t get satellites right away and was running late, so I decided to just think of it as a warm-up. She mapped out a route up First Ave for us, and we ran from 27th Street all the way up to the Willis Ave Bridge, and then up Willis Ave to 161st and over to the start near Yankee Stadium.

Screen shot 2012-09-09 at 12.52.42 PM.png

So many hills in the first 8.

As we got close, I looked at Rebecca and said “OMG, we just ran to Yankee Stadium!” When you run to a place, it usually makes it feel closer than the subway. It took me around an hour to get home from Yankee Stadium on the subway the other night–maybe I should have just run?

Rebecca and I are generally the same pace, so she’s great to run with. She’s also running Marine Corps, which I’m really excited about. It’s also fun to run with her, because she’s really smart about her health and her training (she’s also a physical therapist), so I feel like I always learn something running from her.

We got to the corrals about 5 minutes before the race started, which was perfect.

photo 1.JPG

Clearly we didn’t lose each other with our bright tops.

photo 2.JPG

Because this wouldn’t be a race recap without an OMG-the-corrals-were-so-crowded shot.

photo 3.JPG

The sunrise was lovely.

Rebecca and I didn’t know a thing about the course–we were both more interested in our long runs, so we didn’t do any research and just signed up.

After running all the way up First, we really hoped it wasn’t that hilly. The announcer mentioned something about the course being an out-and-back, which didn’t sound too awesome either. The course ended up not being too bad, though. There was one section where it deviated for a few miles from the straight out and back, which was really nice.

We ran into Ben pretty early on in the race and ended up running with him for the rest of the race, which was awesome. Not that Rebecca and I were sick of each other, but it was nice to add some new blood in there.

Screen shot 2012-09-09 at 12.57.19 PM.png

Not my fastest race ever, but still a 10-miler PR! With, you know, 8 miles before it.

I’m a happy girl right now. And off to the U.S. Open, so really and truly, ridiculously happy right now.

Did you run or race this weekend? Favorite race distance?

8 comments on “Bronx Ten-Miler Race Recap

  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I couldn’t even get myself out the door for my 4 miler this morning. Unfortunately that wasn’t just due to a lack of motivation, it was due to feeling like I was going to fall over everytime I stood up. I’m hoping after taking some vitamins and iron, I’ll be able to get back out there tomorrow or maybe even later this afternoon!

  2. Morty


    I ran the Bronx 10 mile as well! It went way better than I expected. The weather was fabulous and I loved that the course was fast and mostly flat. I ended up PR’ing in 1.23.50 which is the fastest I’ve ever raced. I 2 hour half marathon now seems very much doable.

    Congrats on a great race!

  3. Miriam

    I did the same run! And am currently training for the marathon, so I appreciate the related NYC/running posts 🙂
    Getting up at 5:30 to make it to the start was NOT fun. And the route was kind of boring. BUT the day was gorgeous and it was super nice to fee refreshed and not ready to keel over afterwards.


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