Week 8 MCM Training Recap: Halfway There!

Hello from the end of Week 8 of marathon training!! We’re halfway there… (whoa, oh…)

As I alluded to the other day, Week 9 is basically where shit gets real. I go from mid-week runs of somewhere between 4-8 miles to up to 9-10 miles. That’s a lot for me for mid-week and I’m nervous about getting it in, but I’m just going to try to take it one day at a time, tell myself to STFU and just go run. (Hopefully.) I also make the switch from hills to tempo/speed work. Even though the speed work will be difficult, it feels like it pays off so much more, so I’m excited for that.

So, how’d week 8 go?

Week 8 was…interesting.

Week 8 was the week I learned I need more sleep. That I can’t actually burn the candle at both ends. I had allergies at the beginning of the week, and I already felt like I was operating at 80%. Not getting enough sleep meant I was just dragging all week. Add in a night at the Giants game and a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and I felt like I was operating at more like 75%. This week? Working on getting more sleep, less wine.

I’m also realizing that I just need to run in the morning before I can make the excuse I was at work too late to run.

More sleep, less wine.

Monday: Long live the rest day.

Tuesday: 30-minute training session in the morning including .5 of intervals; purposefully postponed my 5-miler to that night. The strength + run is too much for me in the morning, and I’m evaluating whether or not to continue with training with Jaz through the end of the marathon. (#weak.) I know I need strength, but the only times I can work out with her are Tuesday mornings, and Tuesday is a run day. I may look at doing one of her classes instead on one of my rest days or finding a good yoga class.

Tuesday night: I had 5 miles on the plan, but I got out of work later, wanted to run 8 miles the next morning and just didn’t have it in me. I ran a one-mile time trial (that ended up being 1.3 miles) and had some Garmin issues. I demand a redo from myself sometime soon.


Wednesday: 8-miler win. Just a good, solid run before work.


Friday: Um, long live the rest day again? I got a massage and planned on running afterwards, but it was an intense sports massage, and my muscles were fully spent afterwards. I got up from the table feeling a little woozy and then felt exhausted for the rest of the night afterwards, so the 4-miler I had planned didn’t happen.

Saturday: Finally got that 5-miler from Tuesday in. It sucked. I got a good night’s sleep, got a massage, ate well Friday…but it just sucked.

Screen shot 2012-09-03 at 9.45.45 PM.png

Sunday: Oh heyyy…did I mention I ran over the George Washington Bridge? Because I did, and it was awesome. Awesome running buddy, awesome scenery, awesome pace.

I’d contemplated running the Rockaway Half Saturday or a half in Westwood, NJ yesterday, but am really glad I didn’t. I don’t feel in half-marathon racing shape right now, and I have quite a few races coming up, so I realized it was ultimately better to not race this weekend and save myself for upcoming races.

Monday: So, Monday is really part of last week chronologically, but being 3 miles short, I decided to do some close-the-gap miles this morning. My legs were exhausted from yesterday’s 14, so I decided to go out for 2 so that I was only 1 mile short. I ran with Bailey, and he made sure I didn’t run too fast by stopping to pee every 5 feet..

How was your week of training? Any races this weekend?

7 comments on “Week 8 MCM Training Recap: Halfway There!

  1. Anne

    I’m halfway through MCM training, too, and I’m finding my legs feel like solid lead. I did 8 pre-work miles this morning and it took, oh I don’t know, about five years to complete. It’s hard not to get frustrated when you can’t maintain your usual pace. It’s my first marathon training cycle — any tips, oh wise one?

  2. Kristina

    I have been following your training recaps since I am also training for the MCM. I have been able to relate completely to each. This week I had 17 miles to do for my Saturday long run. After still being hungover, dressing poorly (pants and a long sleeve shirt)–was 95 degrees out and humid– I only powered through 10 miles before needing my boyfriend to drive and pick me up in Georgetown where I somehow ended up. I was so frustrated I did not finish the full 17, I ended up waking up at 8am on Sunday to do the run all over again and completed it. Somehow pushed through 27 miles in 24 hrs. It honestly completely restarted my confidence for being able to complete this marathon come October.

    1. Theodora Post author

      Wow, that’s crazy! Good job! And…pants and a long-sleeved shirt in 95 degree weather? WHAT DID YOU DO THE NIGHT BEFORE? 🙂

  3. Deborah

    Hi! I have been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks now. I am currently training for the NYC Marathon and just wanted to say that I completely agree with getting those runs done in the morning. For myself I have found that it’s just too easy to make some sort of excuse not to run at night after work. I have yet to miss a run now. Congrats on hitting the halfway mark on your training! I’m hitting my halfway mark this week.


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