It’s Wedding Season

What a fun weekend!


Yesterday morning, I hopped on the Megabus to go down to D.C. for the second out of three times in the area this month.

I don’t miss living in D.C., but I do miss some of the gorgeous sights I used to take for granted. Like Union Station. It definitely beats Penn Station…but that’s not hard.

While I was excited to be able to run the Army Ten-Miler today (recap coming tomorrow!), that’s not why I came down.


I came down for my friend Chaz’s wedding. We dated for a few months in 2006 and have managed to stay good friends since.

They got married in National Harbor at Foster’s Clambake, right on the water.




The wedding was so obviously Pinterest-inspired, and I loved it. Especially this chevron runner over the aisle. (My name is Theodora, and I have a chevron problem.)


Here comes the bride…


I cried no less at their wedding than I did at Anne’s.


The happy couple!


They had so many cute touches, from this board for the placecards…


…to these ADORABLE license plates. Chaz is from Maine, and Holly is from North Carolina, so there were plenty of regional touches from both sides at the wedding.



Like the lobster at dinner! (BBQ pork was another choice, but I couldn’t not get lobster.)


Oh heyyy ladies.


And Steve-O.


I am not interested in one of these being on my head until I am wearing a white dress of my own, but her veil was being passed around and someone put it on my head…



So, we kind of had fun. It usually takes me lots of wine to dance at weddings, but this time it just took some Sweet Caroline and Journey. I’m pretty sure I went to sleep last night singing to myself.


Congratulations, friend! Glad I could be a part of your special day.

How many weddings have you been to this year? This was my second, but I was supposed to go to a third but couldn’t because of work.

12 comments on “It’s Wedding Season

  1. Jen

    I lived in DC for 9 months and was really not a fan, but I totally agree about the beautiful sights that you take for granted when there. I want to go back (maybe to do the Army 10 miler next year!) and enjoy them more!

  2. Jenny

    OH MY, what a small world! Theodora, I found your blog through Carrots n’ Cake and just saw this–Holly is a friend of mine (I’m from Asheville) and we went to college together! So glad you got to be there for their beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing the recap! And good luck as you prep for your marathon!


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