Coming Up for Air

Oh hai, I have a blog?


This week has been absolutely nuts. I’ve been working late every night and struggling with the snooze button every morning. We’re down a person at work, my work spouse is on vacation and the office was closed the entire week of the storm. I’m just trying to keep calm and carry on.

I’ve been terrible about working out this week, but I’ve kept eating fairly well, as I know that eating crap will just make me feel like crap and make these long days that much harder to get through. I’ve made sure to always have some nuts on my desk, so I have a good healthy snack to reach for…after I’ve eaten all the dark chocolate I keep in the work fridge.

After working on the communications strategy for it for the past month or so, I had to go to our Junior League fall auction last night. Our events typically fund our community projects, but last night’s event also benefited Hurricane Sandy relief.


I wish I could take credit for all the chevron at this event, but I cannot.


I’m getting really good at getting cocktail-ready quickly. I don’t know why these ladies’ magazines devote entire articles to how to go from business casual to a night out. You go home, walk your dog, throw on a dress, do some smoky eyeshadow and red lipstick, throw a little bottle of wine in your purse for the cab and call it a day. Boom.

I’m spending today working hard: on the stuff my 9-5 (WTF is a 9-5?) day job pays me for, on some Junior League stuff…and on an awesome freelance assignment for an essay that will appear in the February issue of a magazine you’ve all definitely heard of.


I’ll have my trusty assistant by my side…although I don’t know how much help he’ll be.

How do you stay sane when you’re really busy?

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    1. Theodora Post author

      @Dana: I’m usually just a one-coffee-a-day kinda girl..but this week? I’ve been going a little wild and having two. I hope it doesn’t turn into a habit, though, because I have a feeling that will start to affect my sleep…vicious cycle.

  1. Katie @ Livehalffull

    My secret is staying organized. When my to-do lists are updated, I suddenly feel ok. Sleeping as much as possible helps too. And when things get really nuts, keeping a “it will be ok” attitude helps. And wine, you seem to have that down. I love the mini bottle for the cab idea. Genius!

  2. Verhanika

    I get up and do a classic shoulder shimmy like I’m trying to flaunt my stuff at a Burlesque show. I do it until it doesn’t tickle anymore and I’ve released all the tension in my chest and back. And it’s super fun to do!

  3. Maureen

    For me the key is accepting help when it is offered. I also had a crazy week at work, and was feeling completely stretched to my limits. In the past I always felt like admitting I need help would make it look like I wasn’t as committed to my job. Once I was able to get over that and accept (and even ask for) help, I felt much less stressed and was a much nicer person to be around.

  4. Mom

    I love making lists too!! And of course I am here to help, we only live over the river or is it under the river

    Love you

  5. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    Congrats on the article! I’m looking forward to February.

    My life has been insane since starting grad school this fall. Most of the battle is accepting that I can’t do everything as well as I would like – I have to settle for being a B student, a reduced workout schedule, and saying no to the non-essentials.

  6. Emily @

    Ha ha-I think you should write a guide for how to get cocktail ready! Especially the little bottle of wine-that’s key! : )
    I think keeping busy is what keeps me sane! Otherwise I have too much time to think about other things!

  7. Katie

    I LOVE your description of the expedited day to night process. You hit the nail on the head, right down to the bottle of wine in the purse. My kind of gal!

    Good luck with all of your work! Can’t wait to read your essay in a magazine I’ve definitely heard of!


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