St. Croix Adventures

I’d pre-written some giveaway posts to give myself the option to not blog on vacation, but sitting in the afternoon breeze with a beer in my hand blogging isn’t too rough.




Christmas Eve was spent at my cousin’s with the entire extended family; Christmas Day was a quiet day with just my parents, me and a nice steak dinner. We went to my cousin’s afterwards to see the baby and then I came home and got into bed early, thinking I’d have a day of errands on the 26th ahead of me.

I woke up, started getting my stuff together, and got in the car with my parents.

As soon as I got in the car, I got a call from American Airlines that my flight the next morning was canceled due to forecasted snow. After some frantic texting with Ashley and Bo, the plan was decided: we’d instead fly to San Juan that night and fly on to St. Croix the next morning. Awesome that we’d get to start vacation early, but I suddenly had two hours to get my stuff together and get to the airport.


I threw some dresses and bikinis in a suitcase, hailed a cab to get Ashley and Bo and we hightailed it to JFK. We had a bit of time before our flight, so we stopped to grab a drink and a bite at a bar in the airport, and who do I run into, but my college buddy Shelley!!! She lives in L.A. now, so it was a crazy and awesome surprise to see her at the airport bar.

Thankfully, the rest of our travel went smoothly and I’m now blissfully unwound.




I’m also about to turn into a fish taco.



I’m okay with that.

We rented a house, and it’s not right on the beach so we’ve been driving around the island trying to scout out our favorite beaches. So far, with a bar on the beach and awesome restaurant across the street, Cane Bay wins.

Yesterday, a few of us went to Isaacs Bay. I don’t have any pictures because we left everything in the car (locked up) so we could snorkel, but wow. We parked high up on a cliff and hiked down a long trail to get to the beach. It was absolutely breathtaking…and then the hike back in the midday sun definitely took some more breath out of us.


These Jeeps are so much fun to drive–a little less fun as a passenger in the backseat.


El Presidente awaits.

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

6 comments on “St. Croix Adventures

  1. Anne

    You’ve left behind a very jealous readership in a very snowy New York City! The island looks like a dream. NYC looks like a slippery death trap.

    My favorite vacation activity is trying all the local fare and not letting myself feel bad about it. Culinary tourism all the way. Have a blast!

  2. Glen

    I don’t know if you are still there, but when my family went to St. Croix we found this beach towards the north east part of the island that was a part of a resort. It was our favorite beach. The waves were huge, the water warm, the snorkeling amazing, and there was this fantastic restaurant that was beautiful and had the nicest staff. Hope this helps!

  3. Glen

    Tamarind Reef was awesome, but the one I said above was the Hibiscus. <- So good! Anyways, I think a lot of people don't realize that you can actually go on some of the resort beaches without staying at the resorts. We also rented a house and just perused until we found the pefect beach. Also, go to Fort Christansted. It was cool. Oh and explore the west side of the island. It's a little sketchy but some of the roads go through the rain forest and it is just breathtaking!


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