Strength Training For the Win?

Approximately four weeks in, I emailed my buddy Jess.

She’d launched an online personal training business a few months ago, and as I started thinking about what I wanted my post-marathon focus to be, I kept coming back to her site.

I could try CrossFit (and I still will at some point)? I could become a barre devotee?

But at the end of the day, I’m working 11-12+ hour days every day, and trying to make it to a class on time would just be another source of stress for me–and working out shouldn’t be stressful.


So, with a tropical vacation looming (YESSSSSSSSSS) next week, I decided to work with Jess on strength + nutrition for the month of December.

We chat every Sunday, and she now is lucky enough to know just how crazy I am (oh, you only see the half of it), and sends me workouts for the week. For the nutrition component, we work on goals for the week and she sends me easy recipes and meal suggestions I can try, such as a loaded sweet potato. As the past two weeks have gotten crazier and crazier, it’s been hard to maintain focus, and I’ve been trying to be nice to myself and not kick myself while I’m down. So I haven’t been as good at making time to cook these two weeks as I was the first, but at least I can make good decisions while grabbing something.


Today: salmon, sweet potato and Brussels sprouts.

I digress. I’m still thinking about my lunch, though. It was that good.

Anyway–I’m checking in to say that I’ve lost 4 pounds since Thanksgiving (I don’t even care if that’s all water weight) and I feel a bit leaner.


See, totally leaner? Err, wait, that’s just me leaning.

And dare I say? I’m starting to enjoy strength training some. With limited time, I’m finding it so much easier to squeeze in than running. It doesn’t keep me up at night the way running at night does, and it’s short enough to squeeze in in the morning even if I oversleep a bit. The sun doesn’t even have to be up for me to do it. (Although, Mr. Sun? Please come back. I miss you.)

There was a night last week when I got home late, and was frustrated with myself for not working out in the morning. I was frustrated I hadn’t pushed myself to try harder this month to make progress towards Operation Look Hot in a Bikini…and then I realized that I actually could work out when I got home rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. That even a short workout was better than nothing and would, in fact, help me more than sitting on my ass on my couch would. (When someone figures out how to burn as many calories in the same timeframe while sitting on the couch, please let me know.)

Of course, I finished that working out feeling better about myself and it gave me an extra little kick in the ass to enjoy make decent choices about not eating and drinking crap this weekend.


I’ve been doing the workouts that require equipment in the little apartment gym in my building, which is also a good way for someone like me who’s afraid of making an ass out of herself with weights ease into things. I opened the door yesterday, heard the clank of weight plates hitting each other and nearly turned around. Then I realized he probably didn’t care, and I went and did my own damn workout.

BRB, going to go do another plank. Jess seems to really like planks.

24 comments on “Strength Training For the Win?

  1. Ash Bear

    This is so awesome! Have I told you how excited I am to kick our asses each morning in St Croix? 🙂 I too am in love with pushups and planks!

    In fact, big news, I finally am breaking up with my trainer because I’ve realized that I love strength training enough to do it on my own. Wahoo! Tomorrow is my 2nd to last session!

  2. Katie

    I LOVE strength training. I love what it does for my body and how it makes me feel. Sadly, I don’t make as much time for it as I’d like. But lately, I have been squeezing it in more often 🙂

    Your lunch DOES look amazing. I’d still be talking about it too!

  3. michelle

    I am getting back into strength training. After about 2 years of just running, I really saw a change in my body (and not in a good way) and want to get back to how I looked and felt while pumping some iron.

  4. Alex


    I’ve actually put on a few pounds since Thanksgiving and would like to take them off. I’m wondering how you split your week between cardio, strength and rest days. I’m trying to find the right balance!


  5. Corrie Anne

    I’m loving strength training too! I miss having an apartment gym when I’m too lazy to go out in the in cold in the winter to go to my gym!! But I guess I’m more thankful for my house lol

  6. Tara

    That is great, congrats on the weight loss.
    LOVE weights, I love the way it makes me feel-strong, sore, sweaty!
    I love running too, but weights/strength traning is my first love!

    Its soo hard to get out and run with it being dark until 640am, and dark when I get home.
    I need to start running after work in the city more, although that isnt always safe either….come back day light!!

  7. Jamie @ StudioEats

    Congrats on the 4lbs!! I am going to be trying to get more into strength training in 2013… not quite sure how to incorporate it, but I am going to make an attempt. Great to see the benefits you’ve seen so far!

  8. Gianna

    I love that you are enjoying it! I am in full on marathon mode right now and I am really missing my strength training. I was hitting the weights heavy over the summer and it was so helpful to my running.
    I am feeling less toned and am trying at least incorporate planks, pushups and dips in an attempt to get a little strength in.

  9. Shauna@Pleasure, not Punishment

    I’m a barre gal for strength training and I absolutely love it. Mostly because the specific barre class I do (Dailey Method) is so focused on alignment and protection of joints. Knowing myself, I would push much too hard and potentially get injured doing self-directed strength training or god forbid, Crossfit. I need smart people to protect me from myself.

  10. Eesh

    Your lunch looks so yummy! This week was supposed to have been salmon week for me but I didn’t really have time to get to the store. So it’s pretty much, turkey, chicken breast & Subway.

    As for the planking and push up? I’m just beginning to hold my own when it comes to planking soooo haven’t really gotten one push up in as yet 🙁 Hopefully in time.


    P.S Your blog inspires me.

  11. Olivia Green

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