Last night, I celebrated a friend’s 39th birthday. She had these awesome napkins that say “29 until further notice.” I love them, and I’m pretty sure I will have napkins like that at every single birthday party for the rest of my life.

At the ripe old age of 29, I should know better than to go out at night without dinner. I met a friend for drinks before the party, and then the birthday girl was very zealous with her pours, and we toasted her several times.

I’d been all signed up to run the NYC Runs 10-Miler this morning. I love 10-milers, and all of my favorite runners were running the race, so I was really excited…until I woke up this morning. There was no way in hell I was running 10 miles after last night.

I went back to sleep for several hours and woke up just as my friends were finishing the post-race brunch.

I spent a lot of today beating myself up over skipping the race this morning, but…hey? I had fun last night. And I’ll only be in my 20s for a few more weeks, so I might as well go a little crazy, huh?

Have you ever D.N.S.-ed a race? (Or D.N.F.-ed?)

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  1. supergenericgirl

    I had one DNS last year because I woke up with what felt like the mother of all colds. I did beat myself up over it for a few hours that day but then realised that there are enough things in life I am forced to do whether I feel like it or not (hello, full-time employment) and running should not be one of them.

  2. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity

    One.. The last race I registered for two summers ago… I had a race every week it seemed, and sometimes one during the week too. I just got burnt out so took a “break” which was prolonged by pregnancy… and a baby. Longer break than I was planning on, but I’m back stronger than ever!

  3. Monica

    I had one in the spring. My bf told me I was going to regret not going but the stress of work and travel was getting to me and I felt an overwhelming desire to stay home and be productive instead of running a 5k I didn’t train for and waiting for him to finish a 10k. He got home and asked if I regretted it and I honestly didn’t. I felt like it was better for my mental health not to go. I agree with supergenericgirl that it shouldn’t be something you feel like you are forced to do.

  4. Farah

    I DNS-ed 2 half- marathons last year due to injuries. Didn’t regret it at all; figured that my physical health was more important than my pride πŸ™‚ Plus my pride heals a lot faster! I wouldn’t regret the 10 miler if I were you… There’ll be many more – but birthdays are only once every year. Glad you enjoyed the b-day – the memories of that are probably awesome and will stay with you.

  5. Taylor

    I DNS what was supposed to be my first half marathon and I totally regret it! Still to this day I beat myself up about it because I don’t think I had a good enough reason.
    But I wouldn’t worry too much about this race if I were you!

  6. Kelly

    argh! I DNS’d that race too! Though I would have much rather had it been from a fun night rather than a stupid injury. Fun nights are just as important (sometimes more) as races – glad you had one πŸ™‚

  7. Maureen

    I’ve DNSed a few times, mostly due to being not at all prepared or weather. The most recent time was October when I bailed on a 5K I registered for because I was out late at my cousin-in-law’s bachelorette party. Totally the right decision for me at the time and I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

  8. Caitlin

    Well I totally love your attitude about this. DNS-ing this race does not erase any of the other many races that you HAVE S-ed, including MARATHONS! And you had a wonderful time and discovered awesome napkins that I too am going to look for starting when I am 29 and continuing forever. I’m glad you had a good time and are able to cut yourself a break, very inspirational!

  9. Gianna

    I think that you had a great reason to DNS! sounds like a fun night which we all need.

    Last year I signed up for basically every NYRR spring race then was sidelined for over a month post women’s half and missed a few, including the Brooklyn half which I had been SO excited to run.

    I’ve also managed a DNS for one race this year already the NYRR 10K a couple weeks back. Moral of the story…stop throwing away my money and register for races I really want to run. Trying to be better about it this year.

  10. Dori

    I’ve DNS’d a few NYRR races. The problem last year was that the races filled up so far in advance that I’d sign up to guarantee my spot without knowing if I could actually make it. I’ve also had to DNS for injury. And of course I DNF’d the NYC Marathon.

  11. Danielle

    I signed up for a local race thinking I could somehow fit in a 10K with my boyfriend’s birthday weekend festivities… Yeah, not so much. I kinda wish I had since a lot of my Pilates girls went – but he was so happy with the weekend and that meant more to me than a race shirt!

  12. Tara

    Yes, my husband signed up for a 10k with me on 4th of July, but it was pouring rain alllll morning. Although we made it to bib pickup, he was not having it. I felt bad leaving him in the car to wait for me to finish, so we both DNS.
    But, we went home and I told myself I would still get that run in. And of course, just around the time that the race was finishing, the sun came out and turned into a great day. I also went out and did my 10k run, so I didnt feel so bad (and the $$ went to a good cause!)


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