A Bright, Snowy Day

You guys, it is GROSS out. I am not a fan of this snow in March thing.

But I still dragged myself out of bed this morning and over to Uplift for a class.


No, really. I swear it’s snowing. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I am running 15 miles tomorrow, so I took it easy on some moves. For example, instead of star jacks during the tabata intervals, I did regular ole jumping jacks, which are lower-impact.


Afterwards I dropped into the new Lululemon Meatpacking store’s grand opening.



The space is gorgeous, and just feels very Meatpacking. There’s lots of light and the decor is very sleek, but still has a funky edge to it, like the exposed brick. (That map is a map of where their store ambassadors teach, by the way.)

My life decorating dreams, by the way, include exposed brick and built-in bookcases. I will die happy when I have those two things, thank you.


I met my buddy Laura there, and there were some real media on hand for the big grand opening.


PRETTY, right?


I mean, yeah.




Green juice for all!

I am proud to report I walked out with no less money in my wallet than when I walked in.

I know Lululemon can be a controversial brand, but one of the cool things they do is lots of community events, and I really wish I was going to be around for this one: this Sunday, they’re doing a guided meditation at 10:30 with one of the instructors from Sacred Sounds Yoga.

Team Lulu or no? Also, Team Snow Workout or stay inside where it’s cozy?

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  1. katie

    The colors are so pretty, so is the space.

    “Do it for the men walking behind you” gave me the cringiest faceplant/headdesk ever though. Do it for yourself.

      1. Theodora Post author

        You guys are right. I kind of thought it was funny the first time around, but I definitely see how sexist it is now.

        1. Laura

          @Theodora: Honestly? I totally knew it was sexist the first time around, but depending on your attitude, it can also be empowering for women. That’s right, guys, I work hard for this butt! And I am proud if you admire it 😉

          (Does that make sense?)

    1. Ada

      @katie: Gload I’m not the only one who thought “now wait a minute” when I read the chalkboard signs. It should be about how YOU feel not about how you look or how you appear to others. *sigh* We deserve better mantras than ones that imply that, as women, our chief goal in life in 2013 (!!!) is still just to find a man to “save” us.

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas

    That looks like so much fun and I’m impressed you walked out without buying anything. That’s a tough task!
    I didn’t know it was a controversial brand – other than the price. Am I missing something? Please tell me they don’t like…club baby seals to make my comfy Wunder Unders!

  3. Maureen

    I go back and forth with the Lulu love. For a while I was all in, but I really can’t justify the price point for the majority of the merchandise, regardless of how wonderful. I do agree that their community outreach is impressive.

  4. Liz @ The Shrinking Owl

    For the people asking what is bad about LuLuLemon:

    Owner Chip Wilson told a conference of North American business owners that “third world children should be allowed to work in factories because it provides them with much-needed wages,”


    Lululemon has also been criticized for its “survival of the fittest” hiring policies, which tend to favor competitive, type A personalities.

    “When we first started, we hired nothing but yogis,” Wilson told Fast Company in 2009. “But it didn’t work because they were too slow. So we started hiring runners who like yoga. They’re more on the ball, more type A.”

    Late last year, the company began printing the phrase “Who is John Galt?” on its shopping bags. Galt, of course, is the star of Rand’s “objectivist” novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” which argues that the naked pursuit of self-interest should be society’s highest ambition.

    Wilson believes the birth control pill and smoking are responsible for high divorce rates—and the existence of Lululemon itself:

    “Women’s lives changed immediately [after the pill]. … Men did not know how to relate to the new female. Thus came the era of divorces.

    “With divorce and publicity around equality, women in the 1970′s/80′s found themselves operating as “Power Women.” The media convinced women that they could win at home and be a man’s equal in the business world. Women put in 12 hour work days, attempted to keep a clean and orderly house, and give their children all the love they had pre-divorce. What they gave up however was their social life, exercise, balance, and sleep.

    “The 1980′s gave way to Power Women dressing like men in boardroom attire with big shoulder pads. They went to 3 martini lunches and smoked because this is what their “successful” fathers did in the business world.

    “Breast cancer also came into prominence in the 1990’s. I suggest this was due to the number of cigarette-smoking Power Women who were on the pill (initial concentrations of hormones in the pill were very high) and taking on the stress previously left to men in the working world.

    “Ultimately, Lululemon was formed because female education levels, breast cancer, yoga/athletics and the desire to dress feminine came together all at one time.”

    Wilson created the name ‘Lululemon’ because he thinks Japanese people can’t say the letter ‘L.’

    He told Canada’s National Post Business Magazine,
    “It’s funny to watch them try and say it,” when asked about his
    views on the Japanese pronunciation of the company’s name.”

    In his discussion of “The Secret” on his corporate blog, Wilson argued that illness was mostly a choice. He wrote:

    Health attracts health
    Sickness attracts sickness

    One of the company’s corporate mantras is, Stress is related
    to 99% of all illness.

    ……….. worry, sorry for the wall of text.

      1. Allie

        @Molly: Here’s the link to most of the information- http://www.businessinsider.com/12-utterly-bizarre-facts-about-the-rise-of-lululemon-2012-4?op=1

        Also mentioned is the fact that Wilson has since stepped down from the position. I think it’s hard to judge a company from one person– might be opening a can of worms here, but I think a lot of company founders are just as controversial as Wilson. Look at Steve Jobs and the ‘cult’ of Apple- he was widely known as a bully and a difficult person, but his drive also created amazing products. And chances are, most of us own at least one Apple product, whether we believe in Job’s philosophy or not.

  5. Kiersten

    I am a total LuLu moocher. I refused to pay $100 for a pair of yoga pants, but I totally take advantage of all their free events.

    Team snow all the way. I want to ski until May!

  6. Jessica

    #1 – I think whatever motivation you need to get moving, use it! If it’s doing it for yourself or “for the man behind you.”
    #2 – I love Lululemon products and that they are great for building a community centered around health.
    #3 – I don’t love the idea that sickness attacks sickness. That’s just not pleasant!

  7. Lesley

    I want to love lulu, I do. The clothes are cute and I like the focus on community. But it’s hard for me to justify the price when I don’t think the quality is stellar. And I think lulu turns a little into an “I’m better than you” which is something I like to avoid. I always feel judged when I walk in that store!

  8. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    The space is gorgeous!

    Definitely an interesting sign to have put up…always amazes me when you see something that could be contrived as extremely controversial and wondering if they thought about that.

    I have to say – I have never purchased from Lulu…I know there are rave reviews but I cannot justify the cost (and my friend always tells me how great my butt will look…I just continue with my squats 😉 I spend a pretty penny on running gear in general but that just seems WAY above what I will shell out. I save the big bucks for my many pairs of sneakers!

  9. Sokphal

    Wow, didn’t know about the Lulu controversy! I can’t justify buying their clothes because I can find the same quality for less, just as cute, and honestly, I’m just going to be sweating in the outfit anyways! Also, a “sale” on pants to me is not $100! Regardless…their clothes are super cute and colorful! I agree–do it for YOURSELF, first and foremost. I am team Nike and Team Snow Workout! 🙂

  10. Katrina

    Sounds like the CEO just isn’t the best with words, but props for his successful company. I love Lulu’s clothes – their pants are like no other

  11. Barbara

    The snow was a bummer this morning! I’m in CT and we were getting pounded with snowy slush…didn’t stop me from putting in my 22.5 miler though – before getting to work at 9 am! YakTraks are seriously amazing. I felt very hard core. And wet. 🙂

  12. Anna

    I’m so over the snow in the city as well!! Make it stop!

    So excited about this new store – literally a couple blocks away from me. WOOT!

  13. Johanna B

    Was not aware of the controversy surrounding Lululemon. Thanks to the woman who took the time to lay out some of the issues for those of us in the dark. I’ve enjoyed all the comments on this post.

  14. Meg

    I have a pair of lulu’s speed shorts that I like a lot, but I got them as a gift. I don’t think I’d be willing to pay the high price when I like some of my nike, under armour, lucy etc gear just as much.

    Also, I’ve tried on their crops recently and found them quite see-through! What the heck?! Even target manages to make yoga pants that don’t show my butt crack, and for much muuuch less.

  15. Heather

    I’m pretty ambivalent about Lulu in general … I own a few pieces, some I like better than others; some seem worth the price, others not so much. That sign definitely made me do a double take though. I mean, I get trying to be cheeky and edgy, but that elicited a big ol’ side-eye from me.

  16. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity

    Team Lulu ftw! Just minus the fact they’re so expensive…. But the gear I have gotten from there stands up incredibly well so I consider it an investment. I DO love all their events. Like the one where I’ll be volunteering with them for the NYC Half lol

  17. Meg

    I think those signs are supposed to be light-hearted and funny. They made me chuckle. Does that mean I don’t workout for myself? Does that mean I’m more concerned about my stomach fat than about being healthy? No! Of course we want health and fitness for ourselves and for the right reasons, but I appreciated the spot of humor.

    Afterall, it can’t be healthy to take ourselves too seriously, right?

      1. Tiffany

        I agree Meg! Everyone flips out about every little thing nowadays…like they’re looking for an argument. Drives me nuts.

  18. Kerry HK

    Who would have thought Lulu would be such an emotionally charged topic?? I’m team Lulu. Yes, they are expensive. However, if you look at other quality companies, such as Athleta for instance, even Nike. You’re really actually not paying that much more. Maybe $10 per item. I would rather pay more money for something I love (fit and feel) than save $10-$15 for something that I don’t whole heartedly love. I swear by Lulu shorts, skirts, racer back tanks, and run swiftly long sleeves.


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