DC RNR Half Training: Week 8 Update

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For once, DailyMile and I agree.

I was pretty damn happy with my runs last week and also with my mileage. Thanks to the wonders of DailyMile, I can tell you the last week I ran more than 25 miles was…the week I ran a marathon in October.

Last week was one of my peak weeks, so things didn’t feel all roses and sunshine. They felt HARD. I felt slightly achy, my legs felt exhausted, and I just generally kind of disliked Jess all week, but I’m happy to have gotten such solid workouts in.

Monday: Tempo: Was supposed to be 1.5 warmup, 3 miles @ 8:15 and 1.5 mile cooldown. IT SUCKED. None of the tempo miles got below 8:30 and my legs were exhausted.

Tuesday: Best yoga class ever.


Wednesday: Speedwork with Lululemon Run Club. I ran hard, and it was so, so satisfying.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: I’d planned on doing my long run on Friday, but I couldn’t get out of bed…so I did 6 instead and planned on my long run for Saturday.

Saturday: 13-miler. All of my devices failed me, my legs were exhausted, but I got it in. The first 6ish with Steph and Jen were fun, but then Jess wanted me to do the last 10K at half-marathon goal pace. I misread the schedule and aimed for the last 10K at 10K pace. My legs were exhausted, though, and I ran much closer to HGP. I originally had zero desire to run 13 miles the day I planned on going to a ball and dancing all night, but my legs ended up being fine while I was dancing.

Sunday: Day after the ball? Definitely planned as a rest day. I ended up feeling fine and could have gotten a workout in…but chose to take advantage of some rest anyway.

Jess is trying to kill me this week–5 mile repeats at an 8:00 pace? Eek. Since I missed a number of workouts in the earlier weeks, we’re not doing a taper, which is totally fine by me, as my body is used to the half distance by now.

How’s your training going? Taper or no taper for halfs?

17 comments on “DC RNR Half Training: Week 8 Update

  1. Meghan

    Nice week! Congrats on all the speed training and hitting a high mileage! I’m excited to see how RnR goes for you! Seems like you’re going to kick its butt! What time are you shooting for?

  2. Meggie

    Rock solid. And, seriously, WHEN IS WINTER GOING TO END?!? Training is going well, but I want to be running in less than a bazillion layers soon!

  3. Maureen

    Nice job! I don’t usually taper for a half marathon. I might back off the intensity the week of the race to save my legs, but otherwise it’s business as usual for me right up to the end. Seems to work for me.

  4. Cathryn

    I never know how to taper for a half. I tend to run long a week before, then a few shorter runs in the week with two full rest days beforehand. I have no idea if that’s right or not!!!!

    1. Theodora Post author

      Honestly, I think if you’ve done at least a few, whatever works for you, works for you since it’s less taxing on your body than a full.

  5. Gianna

    Some great training runs last week, impressive! I think you have that PR ready for you.

    The most tapering I have done for a half is take off the two days prior to the race. And I only did that when going for a new PR…which worked out in my favor each time 🙂

  6. Jen

    I’m doing a mild taper, according to the intermediate Hal Higdon plan. I’m really excited/nervous to see how it goes!

    You had a great week of training, and it was so nice to meet in person on Saturday!! I have a feeling you’re going to rock DC RNR 🙂

  7. Tara

    I am running my first half, and just following Hal’s Half training, what advice would you give those who do not have a coach?
    I dont really understand all the 400’s at x pace, 800’s at x pace/repeats…..
    I am more at a place that if I can run 7 miles, I will run it and be sooo thankful that I can!
    Such a beginner, I know. And I know that I will only focus on finishing my first half and not focus on the time.

    Just looking for some insite from you on what advice you could give such a newbie!

  8. Ericka @ The Sweet Life

    Um so….I never train for halfs and I’ve barely run at all in the past few months thanks to crossfit. I did knock out 9 miles on Saturday but that is my max since Rehoboth! Just running for fun next week though so whatevs! Looking forward to hanging out!

  9. Andrea Dean

    Hi! I’m training for the Comox half on Vancouver Island and the Whistler half in June. Thanks for keeping me motivated! Tapering in a couple weeks then it’s hills, hills, hills 🙂


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