Weekly Workouts: March 18 – 24

I really enjoy reading others’ weekly workouts, and it’s been keeping me accountable, so let’s take a look, eh?

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Monday: total rest day after D.C. Half.

Tuesday: Back at it at Uplift for some Uplift – Cardio. Nobody else showed up to this class, so I actually got a solo class. Win. There were a gazillion donkey kicks in this class, though, and they were pretty rough on my still-somewhat-fatigued legs.

Wednesday: I sort of wanted to run but wasn’t feeling outdoor running in the cold, so did a few miles on the treadmill. I was bored about 30 seconds in, so I did enough of this HIIT workout to take me to just three miles. I did a lot of high-intensity interval training when I was losing weight, and I’m trying to add it back in to both combat boredom and lose some of the belly that’s accumulated around my waist.

Thursday: Yoga! When I went to sign in and my favorite instructor wasn’t there, I nearly turned around and left. She’s that awesome. But I stayed, and although the class was nowhere as good as hers, it was fine.

Friday: Uplift – Strength with Ashley. Michelle was teaching, and she puts together a great strength class, is really motivating and has a great playlist. Madonna at the end? Yes.

Saturday: Yoga with Ashley and her NYJL committee. It was a new-to-me instructor at Laughing Lotus, and in a new room, with lots of sunshine flowing in, and I enjoyed it. It was a Level 1 class, so it was pretty slow and held poses for a long time. As I’ve gotten more into yoga, I’m finding I’m starting to enjoy classes that move slightly faster.

I’m getting free classes at Uplift through a partnership with them, but you can use code losingweightinthecity for 10% off any 8:30, 10:30, 12:30 or 5:30 class on weekdays or any Sunday class.

I’m enjoying a little bit of downtime from running before gearing up for more spring races, as you can tell by last week’s workouts, and it’s actually been easier to plan workouts since I’ve been mostly going to classes.

This week’s general workout plan: 2-3 Uplift classes, at least 2 yoga classes, 2 runs.

What workouts do you have planned for this week? Do you prefer workouts that are already planned for you or to squeeze in your workouts when you can?

7 comments on “Weekly Workouts: March 18 – 24

  1. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    I usually have a general plan of what I WANT to accomplish, and then at the beginning of the week I’ll take a look at my work/life schedule and see if I need to change or move some stuff around. I have 10 miles on the plan tonight and shorter 6 mile runs on Wed and Thurs and on Friday my FAVORITE yoga studio from Colorado is opening in Georgetown! You better believe I’ll be there!

    My legs have been pretty dead ever since R&R, too, and I basically took all last week off (not entirely on purpose).

  2. charlie@therunnerbeans

    I have to book classes in advance at my new gym, so I tend to schedule those in. I ran 5.5 miles last night with a run club, and took a spinning class at lunch today. Looking forward to a stretch session at Pilates either tomorrow or thurs!

  3. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I’m pretty consistent with running 6 days a week. And then I *try* to get in 4 morning lifting workouts before work. If I know I won’t be able to run after work usually lifting gets tossed aside for mileage. I need to be better about it because I definitely love how I look/feel when I am lifting!

  4. Nicole

    I try to have a plan. I’m just a couple of weeks into CrossFit and so far this week I’ve done it M, T, W. I know I need a break tomorrow so I’ll do yoga or take the dogs for a long walk!
    One of the nice things about CrossFit is that the workout is planned and I coordinate with others to find out when we’ll all be going to class–keeps me accountable that if I told someone else I’d be there, I need to be there.

  5. Keith @ The Fat Loss Program

    Looks like a good plan, I’m in the middle of getting my program online to show the world.
    My program is based on a combination of weight training, short intense cardio workouts and a strict diet. Had my first weigh in on Monday, so I’m three days in and all good so far.
    Your right though it’s good to search around and look at what other people are doing. Gives you ideas on how to improve your diet and exercise program as well.


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