Happy Mother’s Day!

Five years ago, I left D.C. to move back to the NYC area. Coming from a close-knit Italian family, I felt so far from home sometimes, even though I could still get home by train or car in just a few hours if I ever really had to. I missed missing out on birthdays and simple family gatherings that made up the fabric of a family’s shared experience. I won’t lie – I moved up here just as much for career reasons, too – but family was a huge part of my move.


And being able to hop on a train and be home in around an hour yesterday to see this little muffin (my cousin’s daughter) for her second birthday: absolutely priceless.


And being able to spend the day with my mom, my best friend, on Mother’s Day? Sure, there was some fun stuff going on in the city that I missed this weekend, but I wouldn’t trade spending Mother’s Day with my mom for anything. (Um, nor would she let me. Please see: Italian mother, only child.) We went to breakfast at Raymond’s, a relatively new restaurant in Ridgewood, a few towns over. We spent the day just hanging out together at home and then had dinner at my favorite restaurant in NJ, Portobello. (Her request, not mine, I swear!)

I’ve read some posts today about those who have lost their mothers, those who are going through difficult times with family, and I’ve thought of friends and family who have or are having problems having children, and I wish peace to all of them as I hug my mom a little tighter. A very special happy mother’s day to all of those new moms and moms-to-be!

10 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. lisa fine

    I’m totally with you. My fiance and I lived in Vermont last year, but after a lot of thought, we moved back to the NYC area to be closer to family. I loved being able to spend Mother’s Day both with my mom and my future mother-in-law, and to be able to share all kinds of events and birthdays and things with my family and friends. It’s so important to me.

  2. Mom

    We are your family,always here for you wherever you are,
    Lucky is the mother that can spend time with her daughter
    on Mother’s Day, I just got my special gift today and I
    wouldn’t trade it for anything,

    Love you

  3. Tracy Schwartz

    I love that your mom reads and comments on your blog! Thank you for wishing peace to those in troubled times. I lost my mom three years this June and it hurts terribly but I know I have the best angel watching over me.

    1. Mom

      @Tracy Schwartz:

      Speaking as a Mom,
      I’m sure your Mom is watching over you, and will always be with you, There is a special bond that can never be broken with mothers and daughters


  4. Jane @ Not Plain So Jane

    I shed a few tears reading some blog posts today. I am lucky to have spent the day with my mom since I haven’t seen her in over 4 months. I totally understand wanting to live closer to family, it’s tough being so far away!

  5. Jo

    Thanks for sharing this, I feel so lucky to still have my mother, and being able to spend time with her on this special day. Moms are the best 🙂

  6. Jill

    i grew up in fair lawn, so it’s very funny that i know all of the restaurants that you refer to. ridgewood was my hangout spot in high school.

  7. Michelle

    Love it. I wouldn’t trade spending time with my mom either; it’s the most precious day of the year for me, even if it does mean going back to a drizzly and cloudy home town haha 🙂

  8. Liam Rubel

    To spent some quality time with your mother on this auspicious occasion should be your prime goal. As at this age of their life the only thing they requires is your presence in small gatherings, special occasions. Make them cherish their lovely moments spent with you.


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