June Sponsor Spotlight!

A few weeks ago, I launched a sponsorship package on this blog. For $100 or below, you can advertise on this blog and reach a whole bunch of people interested in health, fitness and awesomeness. Check out my sponsor page if you have a blog, Etsy shop or any sort of small business you’d like to promote. Sponsorship includes a display ad in my sidebar and shout-out posts like this to bring more attention to your business.

And now I’d like to tell you more about the awesome sponsors for this month, my inaugural sponsors.


Just Train by Joel Thomas

Joel is my old trainer and the dude who basically changed my life. I walked into the gym with 50 pounds to lose, and they gave me some slacker trainer who kept canceling on me. Joel saw me disappointed that my old trainer had bailed yet again and gave me a first session free, and then convinced me that I could, indeed, lose 50 pounds. And I did!

He is an incredibly caring trainer who is always there for his clients. He’ll push you really hard, but I never once felt unsafe working out with him. He recently opened his own gym in the Financial District, and I haven’t taken one of his classes YET, but I’ve talked to him about his gym, and I know he put a ton of research into putting together awesome classes. Each class is no bigger than six people, and no more than $30. They’re an hour long, and a mix of strength and cardio moves.

And there is a motivation mat! You’ll have to go there to see what I’m talking about. I promise you’ll get in an awesome workout and leave feeling pumped up.


Fitness Fruition

Do you read Mary’s blog? If not, you should. She’s a Florida-based running coach/personal trainer. Her blog is awesome because she combines lots of practical running advice and knowledge with stories about her own running, like running with Jeff Galloway. She’s also currently working at a running store to learn even more about running to inform her training and coaching. So, if you’re training for a fall race, consider working with Mary! Anne is for her first marathon!


Running On the Wall

I don’t know about you, but I definitely hoard my race bibs and medals. The awesome folks at Running on the Wall have all kinds of running-inspired decorations, like this race bib holder.


Or medal holder:


So, if you’re in NYC, definitely try out Joel’s classes; if you’re anywhere, give Mary’s training/coaching a spin, and if you’re a runner with a hoarding problem, take a look at Running on the Wall and put your running on the wall!

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