A Weekend in the Hamptons: Summer in a Bottle

Happy 7th of July!

I hope you all had a fun weekend. I just came back from the Hamptons for the first time, and it was fabulous.



Ashley, Bo and I left bright and early on Thursday morning for our adventure to the end of the state.

photo (83).JPG

We drove out to Montauk and climbed the lighthouse. (I love lighthouses.)(And lamp.)


Please don’t move. Thanks. And thanks for letting me steal your photo.


Apparently it was the first lighthouse in the state of New York and George Washington approved its building!

photo (84).JPG



Why yes, I am in my happy place.

We built up an appetite with our lighthouse-climbing WOD, so we stopped for lobster rolls at Clam Bar.


Okay, now it’s summer, now that I’ve had my first lobster roll of the season. The roadside ambiance was fun, and the Blue Point was tasty…but I kinda like Luke’s better.

After lunch, we were driving around all the cute towns…when I saw a sign for the Wolffer winery. I’d seen Emily Instagramming about it and knew I needed to try it.

Lighthouses, lobsters and libations all in one day? YES PLEASE.


We did the “Summer in a Bottle” tasting, and I basically died of happiness. There was a bubbly, a rose and a sauvignon blanc. I drink bubbly and sauvignon blanc year-round, so it’s always summer in my glass.

And we did all of this by 3pm! It felt like a few days in one, but it was a great start to our trip before we headed to Blake’s parents’ place, our home base for the weekend. (And a fabulous one, at that.)

I’ll stop here, before this gets too long but will be back with Part Deux.

What’d you do for the 4th? What food or drink is your equivalent of “Summer in a Bottle?”

11 comments on “A Weekend in the Hamptons: Summer in a Bottle

  1. Jenny

    Love the update. It is like a cliff hanger though. I want to hear all about the rest now.

    We hung at be pool, perfect weather. Summer shandy is my favorite drink.

  2. Kim

    What a fun time!!
    I’ve always wanted to visit the Hamptons – maybe one day!!
    My favorite “summer in a bottle” drink isn’t actually a wine – it is a PeaPicker (limeade and vodka). Simple and refreshing!!

  3. Blogging4Living

    I grew up in New York (Orange County, the REAL OC..lol) and really regret not checking out the Hamptons. As Kristi says, Sangria in the summer ROCKS! Waiting for part deux…

  4. Amanda

    Looks like a fabulous fourth! I love craft beer so leinenkugel’s summer shandy is a summer fave, it is like a lemonade beer. so are any of the blue moon sampler beers right now… Agave nectar, blackberry tart & a strawberry ale. So good!


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