Wineglass Marathon Training Week 4: Okay, This Doesn’t Suck

Oh, thank God. Week 4 (WHEN did that happen!?) of Wineglass training went a lot better than Weeks 2-3 did.

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 11.10.50 PM.png

(That would technically be 30 miles, since 9 were logged in a DailyMile “week,” but I am counting them into Week 3’s training.)

Let’s call this the week I got my shit together.

Tuesday: Easy 4 miles. Ran “naked” (no Garmin or iSmoothRun or clothes…jk) so that pace wouldn’t frustrate me

Wednesday: rest day


Thursday: I’d been at Ashley’s farewelling all afternoon, and my Garmin and phone both ended up dying on the track. BUT, 1-1.5 mile warmup (not sure?), 6×800 with 400 rest and 1 mile cooldown. (Related: running out your emotions is…fun?) So, about 5ish.

Friday: After a very emotional week (and speedwork in the heat), I had a nice quiet night and quiet workout with a nice Lotus Hour yoga class. It was filmed for something for their website, which is weird. I unknowingly ended up in the middle of the room right near the camera hanging from the ceiling, and every once in a while I would notice it and stare right up at it. Which I think means I will be cut from any footage with my deer-in-headlights looks. Thank God.


Saturday: I slept like a freaking baby and slept in until almost 10 and had zero desire to hit the heat then, so I waited until much later in the evening and ran 7. Weirdly, lately I’ve really liked running in the evenings. I basically wait as late as possible so that it’s not that hot but I can still get some daylight out of my run. At that point, so many less runners are out and it’s much more peaceful.

Sunday: Fiona and I had quite the slogfest. We started at 7am, but it was still really freaking humid. We took quite a few walk breaks, but still managed to finish around 2:19ish for 14 miles, so around 9:55-10:00 pace. (I used my Garmin and she used iSmoothRun, and they disagree a bit.) Certainly no pace to write home about but still faster than I’ve been in this heat and we finished the miles.

This was the first really on-track week of training, so I feel good about it. Part of it is my body acclimating to the heat and miles, but part of it is definitely my mental tricks that I’m employing. Now, to keep this up for the next 12 weeks!

What are you training for? How was your last week of training?

13 comments on “Wineglass Marathon Training Week 4: Okay, This Doesn’t Suck

  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    Wow-I feel like our training is basically identical. I am also training for a sub-4 marathon on Oct 20 in Albuquerque. I am totally banking on the idea that all the hot sunny miles I am slogging through now are going to pay off on a cooler race day.

  2. Liza

    I’m also currently having the morning vs. night debate…I would rather run in the morning, but it is SO humid then right now.

  3. Liz

    I always end up running after work, but I’m trying to switch it up to mornings. I ran last night in this crazy heat and took it super slow with water breaks every half mile….even running along the water was BRUTAL. I can’t even think about my pace!!

  4. Courtney

    I’m training for the Richmond Marathon. It isn’t until November, so right now I’m just building a base but it’s helpful to be on a schedule. Looks like a great week!

  5. RobinBananas

    Another note to how to make a run not suck – wear your water, even on short runs. It’s been helping me out a lot in this heat! I feel like a nerd wearing my Camelbak for 3 milers, but it makes it more tolerable, and really, nobody I run past knows if I am going for 3 or for 30!

    On another note, I finally got to do an outdoor run in Manhattan and wanted to ask how you handle the smells? Between the food trucks and the pee smells, I wanted to die! My garmin also kept making up it’s data because of the buildings – saying I had completed a mile when it had clearly only been a half, etc.

    Good luck training! Today was my first training run for a half in October.

  6. Katie

    I’m 1 day into a 10 week training plan for the Irongirl Duathlon. (run 2, bike 22, run 2). But the last few weeks have been rough for me too. Hopefully this is the turnaround point!

  7. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I just started week 5 of training – for sub 4 – for Hartford marathon! this cycle is flying!!! as well as the heat and humidity killing me. I’ve actually been nailing my workouts until yesterday – had an easy 3 miler + strides and I could barely get through it. Was quite humbled by the humidity at the shore. Trying to shake it off with running a 5K integrated as my speed work tonight!

  8. Amanda

    Congrats on a successful week! Glad things are starting to feel better mentally, I think running is half (or more) mental anyway, so that would be a real struggle. Kudos on the track workouts, I don’t have any of those worked into my training since this is my first marathon and I just want to finish, but I have been trying to run one of my 3-milers per week at a hard pace to gain a little speed.

    The heat & humidity has been really bad here this week but despite that, I was still able to manage a pretty good week for training and got in all my workouts!


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