11 Weeks to NYCM: Strength, Strength, Strength

Sorry if that scared any of you, but yeah. There’s 11 weeks until NYCM.

After some blah-ness, some injury and some race-switching, I’m finally feeling like I’m getting more focused on my training.

Jess called last week a “regroup” week, and I think that is appropriate. The week before was a very gentle week to ease me back into training after taking a week off for injury. Last week slowly ramped me back up, mileage-wise, and this week I’ll start adding speed back in.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Sun celebrations morning yoga class at Laughing Lotus.


Wednesday: The day in which I got completely wasted on endorphins. I did a 6-mile run partially in the rain and then went to Uplift’s Workout + Wine. I hadn’t been there in a while, and I ended up feeling sore until at least Saturday. When Jess and I emailed about last week’s workouts to figure out this week’s, she suggested going back again to get my body used to strength training again. I emailed with Leanne, one of the founders (who, NBD, runs a 3:29 marathon) and asked her for her advice about strength and marathon training at the same time. Obviously, she advocated for the strength training, but she said I just needed to work through the soreness (but listen to my body) to condition my body to get used to it.

She also reminded me that even planks and pushups at home are good if I’m not doing a full strength workout, so I’m going to start working on plank-a-daying with a goal of 3:59 by 11/3. So, the same as my marathon goal, just in minutes, not hours.

Thursday: Sore/down on myself mentally so I swapped days with Friday and took a rest day because the idea of running seemed so insurmountable on physical and mental levels.

Friday: 6 miles or bust? Bust. I fell less than a mile in and skinned my knees pretty badly but kept going.

Saturday: After a late night, totally forgot to plug in my phone and overslept. Again, I swapped days and pushed my long run to Sunday and did a 4-miler on Saturday.


Sunday: My long run was spent on the strugglebus, but I got it in.

This week: focusing on getting all my runs in and two Uplift classes and planks/push-ups every day. Also, continuing to focus on less wine, more vegetables.

Upcoming Races

Hi, my name is Theodora, and I’m addicted to half marathons.

As I mentioned, there’s an inaugural half in my hometown that I’m ridiculously excited for. Bonus for you: come run through RHONJ-land!

I’m doing the Philly Half in September.

Laura talked me into running the Hottest Half in Dallas next weekend.

And! I’m really excited to be a part of a group of bloggers Runner’s World is sponsoring for their Half and Festival in October in Pennsylvania, near their HQ. I wanted to run it last year, but it’s the same weekend as the Army Ten-Miler (and I had a wedding in D.C. to go to that weekend), so I couldn’t make it.


I’m doing the hat trick (5k, 10k, half), but I’d love for you to join me for any or all of the races! Use the above coupon codes for 10% off.

What races do you have coming up? How’s your training going? How do you fit in strength training when you’re marathon training?

20 comments on “11 Weeks to NYCM: Strength, Strength, Strength

  1. Katie

    I would love to do the runner world race one year (and maybe even the hat trick) but when it comes to traveling for races, I like a lot of advance notice!

  2. Liza

    I would love to do a hat trick someday! I think that’s on the long-term goal list, though haha. I have a couple half-marathons coming up before my first marathon in October!! It’s ten weeks away…getting nervous/excited!

  3. Jacquelyn @justjacq

    I used to live in bethlehem and signed up to do the 5k last year when I lived there but got injured about a week before so i had to bow out. but it was so awesome seeing the town come alive! It is a beautiful town so have fun! I’m trying to decide on whether or not I want to do it this year…

  4. Ash Bear

    I’m so bummed that I have an epic wedding the weekend of Runner’s World half! 🙂 Wedding > half any day of the week but it would have been fun for sure! 🙂

  5. Gillian McBurney

    I may have to run the Franklin Lakes Half myself. I have been looking for an excuse to go home for a visit! Love your blog by the way I can’t believe i am just subscribing now.

  6. joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    My first half is in TWO weeks. I’m so excited, though my last long run on Saturday was done on my tired legs… at the end, I briefly had a panicky “and then I’d have to do one more mile during the race?!” thought. Buuuuuuuuuuuut I think it’ll be great. 🙂

    I’m thinking about doing the RW half too!

  7. Stacey

    The Runner’s World hat trick sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe next year though, because this year it’s on the same day as my very first marathon!!!

      1. Stacey

        @Theodora: Mount Desert Island Marathon in Bar Harbor—if I’m going to be running at a slow pace (which is my plan), at least the scenery will be absolutely gorgeous to look at!

        1. Theodora Post author

          @Stacey: Aw, that sounds amazing. And I love your blog name. I use the word “muffin” as a term of endearment for cute things like my dog and my baby cousin 🙂


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