My Current Five Favorite Inspiring Reads

Take two: I wrote this post and then Ecto, my blogging software ate it.

Things haven’t been all puppies and sunshine over here lately. I’ve been going through some tough times that I’m not ready to write about yet, but it’s a freaking emotional rollercoaster over here. Some days are The Best Ever; some are The Worst Ever.

photo (85).JPG

Some days, something as simple as hanging up some prints slightly crooked is all it takes to cheer me up…at least for a little while.


Some days, it takes a trip out to NJ to see my little muffin.


Some days, it’s snuggling with my own little muffin.

But often, I find inspiration from those I read on the Internet. Here’s my current favorite inspirational reads:

Ali on the Run: Ali has been struggling through a rough few months with her Crohn’s, but she writes so beautifully and honestly about it, and I’m so happy to see she’s starting to feel better.

NYC Running Mama: Michele just finished a freaking Ironman. And stopped to pump at both transitions since she’s still breastfeeding. During some runs lately when my mind has given out long before my legs, I remind myself “Michele’s probably running three times this; you can get through x.”

Sweat Once a Day: Emily decided D.C. was no longer for her, and is moving cross-country and just landed her dream job doing PR/social media for a brewery. Little does she know, I’m hopping in the back of her car and heading West with her.

Healthy, Happier Bear: My buddy Ashley just moved thousands of miles away to Geneva for work. She said that she lost eight pounds within the first few weeks because of the lack of processed foods, which was a great reminder to keep focusing on whole foods.

Mom’s Gotta Run: My friend Jen lost everything in Hurricane Sandy last year – except for her strength and determination. I truly admire her positive attitude as well as her no-excuses attitude. She lives in Staten Island, works in Manhattan, has two kids and still finds time to get her workouts in. I want to be like Jen when I grow up.

And one bonus I forgot the first time I wrote this post: TrulyJess’ Instagram. I don’t remember how I found her, but she has some insane progress pictures, and she’s up posting workout pics bright and early on Instagram. She works hard, and you can see it.

What cheers you up when you’re going through a rough time and what are your latest inspiring reads?

21 comments on “My Current Five Favorite Inspiring Reads

  1. Shannon

    I agree! You are a big inspiration to me as I am weathering some of my own storms. The way you find time to train for marathons while working a long-hours job and having a social life is so amazing and motivational! Sending virtual hugs and positive thoughts!

  2. Dorre

    Your story and what you continue to do is an absolute inspiration to me . Also luv the prints especially the jersey one, care to share where it’s from ?

  3. Ash Bear

    I just saw this before heading out the door for my long run attempt and my eyes welled with tears. Thank you! You inspire so many people daily for your strength! XO

  4. Kristy

    I am going through some trying times as well. I just keep saying, this too shall pass. Where did you get those cute state prints?

  5. Beckett @ The Birchwood Pie Project

    I hear you on the emotional rollercoaster! One thing that really helped me last winter was a therapy light – mine is the Philips goLITE BLU from Amazon. It’s not a miracle cure, but it definitely takes the edge off the lows. I just started using it again last week now that the days are getting a little shorter. Inspirational reads: well, #1 is of course Losing Weight in the City, #2 is PB Fingers (, and lately Erica’s blog @

  6. Erica

    Hugs to you! You inspire us all daily by sharing your life with us!

    My best ‘go to’ move is to watch the show Wipeout on ABC. Seriously…how can you not smile and laugh watching these crazy people getting whacked, bounced, falling and being shot in the air throughout the course?

  7. Alexis

    Though I can’t imagine what you’re going through, I truly hope it gets better. You’re amazing and your blog is one of the main reason I decided to take the plunge and am training for my first marathon (Marine Corps!) so thank you for being an inspiration to me :).


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