NYCM Training: The Week I Ran in 3 Different States

Happy Tuesday y’all! (This post was started in Texas.)

I’m upping my mileage and continuing to feel better about marathon training.

I’m still struggling a bit at fitting all the pieces in – yoga, strength training – on top of also increasing my mileage but I’m continuing to work on it.

But last week was a good solid week.

Monday: My favorite ladies at Uplift have a running club, and I decided to go check it out. It’s led by Leanne, one of their owners, who runs a 3:29 marathon. NBD. For my NYC people (or anyone visiting NYC and running in Central Park), the workout was a super-fun one. We did a warm-up lap of the lower loop, and then did some speed for the second loop. We did two minutes at tempo pace alternating with two minutes of pickups. We split into two groups and at several points Leanne came up to our group and pushed us to sprint harder. It hurt but I guess it made us stronger or something. We followed up the lower loop lap with laps around the Great Lawn doing the same thing. The workout ended up totaling about 4.5, and I jogged another .5 miles to get back to the subway.

Tuesday: The Uplift thing came up after Jess came up with my weekly plan, so I swapped mileage around. I was originally supposed to do a 7-mile tempo on Tuesday and 5 miles easy on Monday, so I just did 7 miles easy on Tuesday with Michelle. Well, she is a speedy little thing so it ended up being a little faster than easy (though not quite another tempo.)

Wednesday/Thursday: ended up taking back-to-back rest days

Friday: I got my CPR certification on Thursday night for my running coaching certification and the course was out in NJ, so I stayed with my parents on Thursday and ran in NJ on Friday. When I drove down to the CPR class on Thursday night, I thought how happy I was that I was a city person because I don’t ever have to worry about driving somewhere. On Friday morning as I ran past the big houses, I thought suburbia didn’t seem quite so bad. Either way, running in NJ was a nice change of scenery and I ran a bit of the Franklin Lakes Half course I’ll be taking on next month. It was also really cool so I had a very enjoyable 6 miles before hopping on a plane to go to Dallas.


Saturday: I did a super-fun PiYo (pilates/yoga) class with Laura on the roof of our hotel taught by the awesome Brit. We’d both assumed that the class would be a fairly relaxed class. LIES. It was a really fast-moving flow with lots of tough strength moves like diamond push-ups with one leg in the air.


Sunday: 16 miles. Ran the Hottest Half in Dallas. My Garmin said I ran 13.4 at the end, so I ran an extra 2.5 miles to get to 16 for the day.

Weekly Total: 34. I’m happy with this.

How was your week of training? What’s been your favorite destination race?

15 comments on “NYCM Training: The Week I Ran in 3 Different States

  1. Dori

    Great week of training! Mine was fantastic, I really loved running this week. My favorite destination race is (duh) the Richmond Marathon. Is everyone sick of me yet?

  2. Katie

    Nice job! I haven’t ran a race in another state yet, but someday!! My training has been at a standstill, the heat is just way to much for me! 90s in Minnesota is not normal!

  3. meredith

    Wow it is hot in Texas- congrats on running that race! I would have struggled in that heat…my fave destination race is definitely the Hershey half. I cannot resist the chocolate.

  4. Ash Bear

    I loved the small Narrows 10 miler race I ran in Seattle. The weather was perfect, I ran with Amy the entire time and the views were incredible! 🙂 Who knows, soon the Hartford Marathon may be my new favorite! 🙂

  5. Christina

    My week went well. I’m not up to my normal mileage, but I got in all my planned runs and am working on upping the distance a little this week.

    My favorite race was Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. The course was great and the temperature nice and cool. DC is a lovely city.

    1. Theodora Post author

      This group is on Monday nights, but I know lots of other groups do weekend runs (Nike, The Running Company, some Lululemons I think?)

  6. Davis Mauldin

    Inspirational!… one of my goals in dropping the weight that I need to lose is to be able to jog again like I did 20+ years. Presently, I’m just carrying too much weight to even consider running… and I used to LOVE it!


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