On a Serious Endorphin High

YOU GUYS. My runs have been more fun the past week or so, but tonight’s run was freaking amazing.

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I didn’t make my run with Jen and Fiona this morning, so I set out for take two this evening.

In the past month or so, hot or not, almost every single one of my runs has been a total slogfest. My legs are heavy and running hasn’t been as fun as it used to be.

But tonight, MY LEGS DID NOT FEEL HEAVY, I had a rocking playlist and a grin on my face for all six miles. It’s funny–the entire time, I was planning on running NYCM, but making that my goal race has totally revitalized my training.

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Afterwards, I went to Uplift for one of their workout + wine events. It was supposed to be outdoors, but it was moved indoors due to inclement weather. It’s worth noting that it started raining while I was running, so hence the foggy pictures. I had stuffed my phone into my sports bra to give it some protection from the rain. (Thanks to Helena, one of the cofounders, for serving as photog!)

The original event was supposed to be three different classes around the city and meeting back up at the studio for the wine, but when it was moved inside, we did three circuits. This one, above, with Chelsea, was a weights circuit.

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The next one, led by Leanne (one of the cofounders, who is super sweet) involved lots of cardio: stair running (with weights) and burpees and star jumps. It should also be noted that I really need to do laundry. I feel really weird wearing a shirt with my name on it when I’m not running a race…and those loose shorts were not very appropriate for a class.

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The final circuit, led by Kat, was all abs. Ow. Each circuit was about 10 minutes, and we repeated the whole thing once more.

Since my knee pain kicked in, I’ve been doing this Runner’s Bootcamp for strength, but I really need to get back to Uplift or some other sort of strength training. During my partnership with Uplift this spring, I felt like I toned up and got stronger, but I feel like I’ve lost that in the past two months or so since switching back to mostly cardio. Strength is so important in maintaining bone density for women, and obviously for keeping a strong core and avoiding injuries for runners…but it’s less fun. I need to start sitting down with my running schedule and life schedule every week and scheduling some classes. (P.S. In a sort of reverse disclosure here, I paid for my own class.)

As per the name, the night ended with wine. Obviously I am partial because I love my liquid grapes, but I really do love how Uplift fuses the social with the workout. It makes it such a fun place to be.

After two back-to-back workouts, I will now collapse for my next trick.

Runners: are you good with strength or do you slack like I do? (Do not do I what do at home.)(Yoga doesn’t really count as strength, huh?)

What workout(s) do you get a serious endorphin high from?

Also! Blakely! (Not to be confused with Blakie.) You have won a pair of compression socks! Please email me at theodora at losingweightinthecity dot com.


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You have also won my undying appreciation of the wonder of the post long-run nap. I don’t always get to nap after a long run, but oh man, it’s amazing.

23 comments on “On a Serious Endorphin High

  1. Abby @ Change of Pace

    Glad you felt great on your run and rejuvenated in training!
    The class sounds like a great workout, and I like the social aspect at the end.
    I do a decent job with getting strength workouts in, BUT I never switch my routine up which probably makes it kind of pointless!

  2. Ashley

    Way to kick it into gear with training — woah! 6 miles and Uplift class? My legs hurt just thinking of that evening…but the wine may help ease the pain.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Ashley: The wine did help 🙂 We ran up and down stairs and that was probably the hardest on my legs since it was closest to what I’d done before. I also modified some of the moves with jumps to be nice to my knees. Although at the end, when we did abs…I basically just melted onto the mat until it was wine time.

  3. Joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    Holler- nothing like a solid run to put a smile on your face! Whenever i have lousy runs, though, I try to remind myself that it’s an accomplishment in and of itself to have gotten out there at ALL.. a lot of people don’t (or can’t) get off their couch in the first place. And wine post-workout helps too. 🙂

  4. Maureen

    Strength is always the first things I bail on if forced to pick between running and strength. I’ve been better about it this year, and it has definitely helped, but I still struggle sometimes.

  5. Liz

    Ah I have had 2 runs this week that have made me fall back in love with running. When I am training, I do slack on my weight lifting sessions. It’s weird because I started out bodybuilding, but once I started running (and training for races) I stopped picking up weights as much. Not to say I don’t miss it but we will reunite soon! 😀
    Exercising + Wine!? Perfect combination…plus grapes arent bad for you right?

  6. meredith

    I am terrible at incorporating strength training into my routine! I live for my runs but out of nowhere this week they have been lackluster and heavy legged. I am so happy for you for your fab run yesterday – isn’t it the best feeling?

  7. Dori

    I took an outdoor Refine class last night and luckily the rain stopped right before we started! Your class sounds like it was really fun and awesome, and I kinda love that you wore your name shirt. At least you were with a group of people who understand why your name is on your shirt!

    Yay for the running endorphin high. That was me last week. This week, not so much.

    I don’t slack on strength training only because I love Refine classes so much, though I did drop to only once a week now that I’m marathon training. I ALWAYS get an endorphin high after Refine, and usually (but not always) after running.

  8. Jen

    So glad running is feeling better! Love that you’re doing the boot camp workout. It’s tough, right?? I slacked on strength training in the two weeks before the bar just because SOMETHING had to give and I figured running > yoga > strength training in terms of happy body for marathon training. But I’m back into it and really missed it!

  9. Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate

    I strength train a TON more when I am not training for a race. It’s one of my favorite workouts to do, so I kind of miss it. I try to get in at least one upper body lift per week and one total body lift per week. Its sooo hard to convince myself to lift my lower body during training even though I know its good for me!

  10. Shawna

    I used to be primarily just a runner, but this past year I dedicated myself to at least 2 strength/calisthenics/weights and kettlebells interval workouts a week, and it has been such a crucial complement to my running. I feel SO much stronger, leaner, and more confident in my running from adding this! Now I crave these workout days. 🙂

  11. Shannon @ Mon Amour

    Pretty much all summer my runs have been so crappy but for the past 2 weeks or so they have been amazing. I guess all those times I told myself suffering through the summer would make me stronger in the cooler temps I was right!

  12. Carrie @ Season It Already!

    I need to find a program. Something I can follow. I was a fairly new runner when a herniated disk turned into back surgery which turned into becoming a new runner all over again. I know I need to work on core strength, but I need something/someone to show me the way. Got any plans or programs you can link me to? Thanks!

  13. Brooke Helms

    Being a runner, changed my life. I was crossing over from being sick to being well. Each time I plan to stop this hobby, I felt weak and reading your article made me feel lucky too to have this hobby as my favorite past time. I just loved being a runner. It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination.


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