PRO Compression Review + Giveaway

Throughout this training cycle, my legs have felt abnormally fatigued. Jen and I were talking about this, and she’s going through the same thing, too. She said she’s had some great races despite fatigued legs, so I’m hoping for the same.

When my legs already feel like I’ve run a marathon before the actual marathon, there’s a few tools I turn to for help.

  • my trusty foam roller
  • Epsom salt baths
  • making sure I’m eating healthier and taking a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement
  • compression

For the past few years, I’ve always turned to compression socks after my long runs. If you’re not familiar with compression socks, they supposedly compress your lower legs to increase blood flow to the region so that byproducts like lactic acid can be flushed out faster. (As you can see from this post, some of the information around compression socks is conflicting.)

Either way, I’ve definitely felt the benefit of compression socks, especially when I feel the beginning of shin splints coming on. I wear them as much as I can during the day after my long run (the dress and compression sock look is a hot one, let me tell you) and sleep in them the night after.

Some of the fast girls like Monica and SkinnyRunner swear by PRO Compression socks, so I’ve been eyeing the socks for a while. They’d make me faster, too, right??


I present to you the craziest running outfit I wore last week. All of the crazies stopped to talk to me.

PRO Compression offered to send me a pair to try out in exchange for me sharing my thoughts on the socks with you.


I have to start with the aesthetics. They’re adorable. I asked for the Marathon Retro socks to try because they were very Ron Burgundy.

They fit well throughout the foot and calf, but they’re too long for me. They go up over my knee, and they’re supposed to fall just under your knee. I’ve also tried out CEP compression socks, and these are definitely not as tight as those. (The CEP ones are almost uncomfortably tight.)

CEO Eric Smith started PRO Compression because he worked in the golf industry and saw a need for golfers to wear compression socks, so he created PRO Compression, with lines for both runners/triathletes and golfers. (Hey Dad, you can wear cool compression socks like me, too!)

So, the million dollar blog review question: would I buy these with my own money? Yes–if I could find ones that were a little shorter.

Want your own pair of PRO Compression socks?

Leave a comment telling me how you recover from your runs and what you do when you have fatigued legs to enter. You can also get extra entries by following PRO on Facebook or Twitter and by tweeting about this giveaway. They run a ton of specials, so following them on social media is a great way to find out when they’re running one. Should you not win, you can also use the code PCBLG for 40% off and free shipping.

I was compensated in socks and cash money for this review, but all opinions and short legs are my own.



191 comments on “PRO Compression Review + Giveaway

  1. Kelsey M.

    I foam role and drink lots of water. Although I really wish a glass of wine would do the trick for me! 🙂

  2. Jackie W

    I love my foam roller. However, I adore my pro compression socks as well. They fit me great, but I’m freakishly tall!

  3. Anna

    I recover with a long yoga class. Stretching never felt so good!I also have my go to bacon egg and cheese on a bagel sandwich!

  4. Beth @RxBethOnTheRun

    I also try my best to foam roll as much as possible following a long run (wine makes it less painful FYI) and put on compression socks that evening and often the next day. I try to hydrate the best I can (I make deals with myself…drink X amount of water and then you get wine). I also like to put my legs up the wall. My FAVORITE way to recover from a long run in the summer is to rest my tired legs in my parent’s pool for the rest of the weekend. Add in aforementioned wine and you’ve got a pretty awesome weekend of recovery!

  5. Erin Elizabeth

    The best way to recover from fatigued legs is having your hubby or significant other massage them in exchange for baked goods! Works like a charm 🙂

  6. Chrissy

    I’m an ice bath, foam roller, chocolate milk followed by an Americano recovery type of girl! If that doesn’t work, there’s always beer 🙂

  7. Jen

    Thanks for the shout out! I have a pair of pink pro compressions and love them! They don’t shrink in the wash. My legs got better this week and I busted out some quick miles yesterday. Today they were tired again, but I still ran ok.

  8. Jen

    I’m about to go to sleep … in my pro compression sleeves 😉 I love them! And uh I really need to foam roll more. Like really really.

  9. Kimra

    I follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. I also like them on my legs, which are ALSO too short for their socks, but for recovery purposes I just fold down the tops. I wish they’d make the retro design in a calf sleeve!

  10. Amy

    Oh recovery. I absolutely use epson salts + compression + a combination of laziness on the couch and slowly walking the dog.

  11. Danielle

    I wish I had a better answer because my legs are pretty fatigued right now. I try to walk around the day of a long run to keep my legs from getting too tight rather than just collapsing on the couch all day, but I’ve been eyeing these socks too since the walk-around method hasn’t been too reliable.

  12. Gianna

    Lots and lots of water since I am a salty sweaty runner. Foam rolling (when I am behaving) and sleeping in PRO Compression socks. Love them!

  13. Tonya

    Love compression after a long run. Sometimes socks, sometimes the tights which work as leggings.

  14. Rachael M

    After a run, I’ll usually have to sit on the couch for a short while and ice my legs. It’s not like my legs hurt or anything, but I feel like the ice cools and relaxes the muscles. I would love a pair of these socks!

  15. Caroline

    I wear compression sleeves when I run, and after I take an ice bath and either foam roll or use the stick. The day after a long run I do pilates!

  16. Brittney

    I’ve been dying to try compression socks! And I have long legs so these may be what I’ve been looking for haha

  17. Danielle

    I turn to heated yoga for recovery (and when my legs are fatigued)! Always seems to do the trick!

  18. Kathleen

    I definitely don’t do enough. I really need to start foam rolling and stretching. I would love to try a new brand of compression socks!

  19. meredith

    I would love a new pair of Pro Compression socks! – I have the hot pink pair but I think I needed the XS. I bought the Small and mine too go a bit over my knee and I think they were too big in the foot but I love them.

  20. Leah

    Love and swear by Pro compression Marathon socks and calf sleeves!! I relaxed in my neon green pair all weekend!

  21. Katrina

    I recover with yoga and water …. and beer? Does that work? 🙂

    I have been wanting to try out compression socks though. Everyone has been talking about them recently.

  22. Kristin miller

    My recovery includes a Hammer Recoverite shake (it helps repair/restore muscles) an ice bath and pro compression socks! Mine fit below the knee (short stubby legs here) what size did you get? I got a small, and not those awesome retro ones! Maybe they fit a little longer??? Great outfit by the way!

  23. Jeanna

    I foam roll or take ice baths if the run was really long. I have never tried compression socks and now I’m curious! Would love to try a pair 🙂

  24. Michelle

    Stretching and icing my legs help them to recover. If they’re super fatigued I’ll skip a day of running to see if that helps.

  25. Rebecca

    i swear by my CEP compression socks! i used to wear them all day after runs when i worked in the hospital, since i was on my feet all day, and they definitely helped recovery!

  26. jill

    i jump in the pool in my clothes as soon as i get home. its close enough to an ice bath and if i don’t do it immediately i’ll collapse on the living room floor and not move for an hour.

  27. Jen A.

    I’m a huge fan of foam rolling and Epsom salt baths after my long runs. I swear the Epsom salts are little miracle workers!

  28. Ms. Parker Runs

    I swear by protein shakes as quick as I can after a run. I used to love my epsom salts baths but with no bath tub I have been having good results with putting my legs up in the air against a wall. I love my trigger point foam roller and also the Addaday Type A stick roller. And ice packs on my knees. All this and after a 12miler yesterday I am doing pretty good!

  29. Anne

    I eat like it’s my job, roll, compress (pro compression – which I follow on FB), and try to sleep.

  30. Ben J

    I wear compression socks while I run and I leave them on for a bit afterward to help recovery. I also use ice packs.

  31. Liana

    I foam roll, ice, drink water and relax. I have epsom salt at home so I’m going to give that a go. I’m currently dealing with some knee problems that I think are stemming from tight calves, so these socks would be perfect!

  32. Aditi

    Foam roll, lots of water and I recently have discovered that drinking tart cherry juice aids with muscle and joint recovery!

  33. Shell

    foam roll foam roll foam roll

    And the whole legs up the wall thing. You know where you lay on your back on the floor and have your legs up on the wall. That’s heaven.

  34. Amy

    Love Pro Compression! I wear their compression socks after long runs, with lots of stretching and hydrating!

  35. mona

    After a long run ( 18+ mile), I try and sit in an ice bath for sure! And pro compression calf sleeves are truly the best thing to wear for the rest of the day!!

  36. Rob Runs

    I love my Pro Compression, I have one pair of the socks (the ones with the Shamrocks that I wore at my March marathon) and two sets of sleeves. I wear them to running and leave them on after a long run, you’re golden. I wish they made, like, full-body compression onesies. I should stretch and spend more time with my foam roller.

  37. tara

    Immediately after a long run, I wrap bags of frozen vegetables and ice packs around my legs with ACE bandages -I hate ice baths!!!! I usually try and swim or bike the day after to help recover.

  38. Heather F

    I recover by laying on the tile floor for about 20 minutes to cool off and then stretch while watching TV.

  39. Barbara

    I actually don’t do much to recover from my long runs. I actually try to walk around as much as I can during that day instead of just sitting down and resting, and it really helps me feel better the next day.

    I’m really bummed you aren’t running wineglass anymore. I was looking forward to spotting you there! 18 miler this friday…

    I’m sure you will kick ass at the NYC though.

    1. Theodora Post author

      Aw :-/ Sorry! Yeah, the longest I’d gotten up to so far was 14, so I just didn’t feel like it was a good idea to try to push it.

  40. Petra

    I usually just foam roll. I’ll throw in an ice bath if I feel like it’s been a particularly gruesome run. That said, I LOVE compression socks. They make such a difference to me.

  41. Jessica @ FromtheKitchentotheRoad

    I make a point to stretch and refuel (after longer runs). The stretching helps me immensely. I also go on walks later in the day or the next day to keep from getting stiff. When I have fatigued legs I let the pace go a bit but I still try to push through. I have considered trying out these socks so winning a pair would be fantastic!

  42. Katie

    I have a different brand of compression socks, but I’m wondering when/if the elastic wears out…I would love to win a pair of Pro Compression to see how they fit, I love that they have so many different colors on their website!

  43. amy stancil

    I know it seems weird, but after a long run, I come home and lay on the floor with my feet in the air (I normally put my legs against the couch or the wall) for about 10 minutes. Supposed to help get the lactic acid out of your legs. I also wear Pro Compression socks, which I love!

  44. Ashley @ BrocBlog

    I have compression sleeves that I like to wear after a long run but I’ve never tried the full sock. I also ice after long runs because I’ve been feeling shin splinty lately.

  45. Ashley

    I love my pro compression socks and use them, or sleeves, after every long run or especially challenging run. I also down some coconut water and try and hydrate those muscles!

  46. Katie

    I ice, foam roll, and use compression sleeves. I would love to win a pair of these socks though!

  47. Katie

    I’m also now following PRO on twitter and I just used the code to buy myself a pair in case I don’t win :). But I have a feeling I’m going to love these so winning a second pair would be awesome!

  48. Amanda

    After long runs I usually foam roll, and lay on the ground and prop my legs up on the couch to elevate them. I would love to try some Pro Compression socks as a part of my recovery!

  49. Kelly

    I typically recover by eating everything in sight, going out that night to drinking the pain away, then being lazy the next day. It’s a very scientific recovery process…

  50. Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer

    I take a rest day, some ibuprofen, and deal with it from there. I’m dealing with some big pains from my training this weekend and my normal run this morning. I’ve been contemplating some compression socks or sleeves, but with 5 kids I can’t justify it too easily.

    1. Theodora Post author

      Lululemon. They’re REALLY short, so I usually only wear them when everything else is in the laundry…

  51. Samantha Shelton

    I LOVE compression socks! With my blood disorder, they’re definitely really helpful for me to wear both during my run and after for recovery (different pair, of course). And lots and lots of foam rolling when my legs are fatigued. Have you tried the compression sleeves? I used to be all about the socks, but these days I’m really lovin’ the sleeves.

  52. Blakely

    To recover from long runs, I put on my compression socks and settle in for some serious couch time! Nothing beats an afternoon nap after a long run.

  53. Kashi @ Cape Island Runners

    i love wearing compression socks for recovery – I also do the alternate hot/cold water in the shower (I just cannot handle ice baths!) and when my legs are extra fatigued, spring for a massage! I’ve been wanting to try Pro Compression (I have a pair of CEP) so this would be great!

  54. Jenna

    After a long run, I make sure I drink a lot of water, roll out my legs and stay off my feet (as best I can) for a few hours. If it’s a really long run, I usually have to nap.

    If I’m still sore the next day, I’ll be sure to stretch more than usual take it easy with a recovery run.

  55. Tracey Leffler

    I try to drink a lot of water and the foam roll. Although more recently I’ve been “recovering” by laying on the beach for the rest of the day.

  56. lisa fine

    I love making a big recovery smoothie that’s full of protein when I get home from running. And for extra long runs, I wear compression socks afterward.

  57. Eri H

    I’m all about the foam roller but have been looking into socks/sleeves lately because I’ve been dealing with some bad calf tightness. Perfect timing!

  58. Danielle Johnson

    oh def Pro and foam rolling, though sometimes I go to the gym just to sit in the sauna or hot tub with a good book and say that is “recovering” … 😉

  59. Katie M

    My favorite way to recover from my long runs is to sit on the floor with my lunch and a pile of magazines, put my feet up on the coffee table (while leaning against a wall), and half watch guilty pleasure shows on hulu (like “Switched at Birth”). Then after a few shows, I go for a walk (usually to get fro yo). 🙂

  60. Alexis

    Chocolate milk and laying in bed watching terrible reality shows :D. Foam rolling, yoga, and strength training seems to help me fight fatigue too!

  61. Ashley

    Recovery with foam rolling and keeping my legs elevated when on the couch. Also tons of water and anti-inflammatory foods (like berries). If sore Epsom salts are my best friend. And a glass of wine isn’t going to hurt!

  62. Katie D.

    I wear my compression sleeves and do some serious stretching to get my legs feeling better!

  63. Mia

    I foam roll, ice, and then do some type of gentle yoga (nothing harder)later in the week to stretch it all out.

  64. Sheena

    The foam roller is my best friend/worst enemy. I love epsom salt baths as well, but always secretly worry about undissolved salt crystals making their way into my tuchus haha.

  65. Victoria

    I absolutely love PRO Compression socks. LOVE them and I very much want a pair of the retro socks!!I have a few pairs and wear them for some runs and after long runs for recovery!

  66. Jeffrey

    I recover from my runs with stretching, rest and fuel like chocolate milk. Occasionally I’ll hit the ice but not often. It may sound crazy but for fatigued legs I go out for a short, slow run. It increases the blood flow, thus speeding recovery!

  67. Amanda

    I swear by a session of heated vinyasa yoga couple with my foam roller and The Stick! Been curious about compression gear for a while, as my legs constantly feel fatigued. Thanks for the review!

  68. Rebecca

    Well last weekend I took my very first ice bath… and I think that’s going to be my go to for recovery from now on!

  69. Jen

    Foam roll, stretch (um.. maybe.), hydrate, wine about how sore I am, compression, eat, eat, eat, eat, sleep. In that exact order.

  70. leahk

    I actually put my legs up on the wall and may on my back for atleast 5 mins post-run. WAY better this training cycle than ice baths! I would love to try the cute retro compression socks too!!

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