The Best 14 Miles of My Life

Finally, finally, finally, I had an amazing long run!

I’m choosing to believe that this and my great tempo earlier this week are part of a positive trend towards my running not sucking again.

Everything about it was great.

I ran Summer Streets down to the Brooklyn Bridge to meet up with Rebecca and was ecstatic about my pace. I hit 3 miles just around 27:00. I knew this was too fast a pace to sustain for 11 more miles, but I was so happy to see a pace that was more than a minute faster than last week’s long run.

As we continued up the gradual incline that is Park Ave., sure enough, our pace dropped, but I was still feeling great. Last week, every mile felt like an eternity; this week, every mile felt like just a minute or two had gone by.

In past years, I alternated Gu with margarita shot bloks. Gia wrote a great post on fueling recently, talking about taking something that is easily portioned, which was a great point. On a 10-16 mile runs, I have a hard time fueling because I usually fuel roughly every 55-60 minutes. If I’m running about two hours, like I did today, that means typically only fueling once but sort of wanting more towards the end. I ended up taking shot bloks today at miles 7ish and 11ish (3 the first time; 2 the second time.) It was sort of uneven timing, but it seemed to work fine.

From Summer Streets, we ran over to 72nd, and I started running up the west side of the park. I split with Rebecca and started running towards the 102nd Street transverse. I was supposed to meet my Junior League run club at the Boathouse, and I was running really ahead on both time and mileage, so I started running toward the way they’d be running in hopes of meeting up with them. They were running late, so I ended up meeting up to them pretty close to the Boathouse, when I’d already reached 13 miles. I decided to just say hi, and continue to run south my last mile so I’d be closer to the subway/home.
I STILL FELT GREAT that last mile, so I decided to push it a bit to simulate how my tired legs would feel on race day and get them used to putting in a little push in that last mile. I was running clockwise instead of counterclockwise, so I was also basically running the end of the NYCM route. As I pushed across the south end of the park, I looked out onto Central Park South and remembered that feeling of (exhausted) euphoria hearing the crowds screaming in the last mile of the marathon and ran a nice, strong 9:10 last mile.

For an average of 9:18 over 14 miles! I am so, so happy with this.
The only thing better than an awesome long run?

Running into one of your friends within 10 feet of stopping after she finished her own 10-miler!

Oh, and then her making you breakfast.

Today did not suck, not even a little bit, and I am feeling even more excited about the marathon now. This was the run I needed.

26 comments on “The Best 14 Miles of My Life

  1. Ashley

    YES!!! Hell yeah Theodora — honestly it seems like it just takes one good run to remind us why we keep coming back to running. I had a similar great run this morning (only 10 miles…) and was on the BEST runners high I’ve had in awhile. And I of course followed it up with some breakfast sliders and fresh fruit, what else?

  2. Laura

    I biked Summer Streets today and was hoping I might run into you, but no such luck 🙁 CONGRATULATIONS on an awesome run and welcome back to the love-to-run club 🙂

  3. Ericka @ The Sweet Life

    When I saw your post yesterday about finished 14 miles strong on FAcebook, I was like…I need to do this. It inspired to go out and run my 14 for the day (even though by that time it was already 11am!) so…your great 14 miles inspired my great 14 miles! 🙂 My post on my run will be up tomorrow though!

  4. Sarah

    aweeesome pace! I am up to 12 for my long runs as SO FAR SO GOOD ! Im praying they stay as awesome as they have been! P.S I have that lulu running skirt and it has been my FAVORITE for yearssssss

  5. Maggie

    As a twenty-five year old Manhattanite on my own weight loss/life journey, I’ve been following your blog for some time now. Great to read about some real people living in NYC- totally appreciate all of your posts.

    I’m training for my first NYC marathon, and have been following your tips and understanding your struggles.. Welp I ran up to the park this weekend and ended up seeing you TWICE in central park- I knew better than to interrupt a long run (yay for successful 14 milers! That’s what I did and so proud to say it was my longest run EVER and I felt incredible!) but got so excited when I saw you! Great job!

    1. Theodora

      @Maggie: Aw! You should have said hello! We could have run together. But I am glad to hear you saw me on a day where I did not feel/look like death and instead was endorphin-drunk. And YAY on PDRs!

  6. Jennifer

    Indeed the best 14 miles of your life! Everyone should enjoy running and walking to lose weight. It can likewise tone their muscles, which is why indeed it has to be tried.

  7. Carol

    I love it when you have a good run, when everything just seems to go your way. Just over 9 minute miles is an awesome pace to keep up for 14 miles, you should be really proud of yourself 🙂

  8. Samantha

    I love this post! It makes me think about how much I love exercising and eating healthy and the great feeling you get from using willpower. I gained back about 15 lbs (158-173) after losing 30 lbs. I still exercise and eat pretty healthy, but I know I’ve been overdoing it with eating too much late at night, so I’m back on track trying to drop the weight I did lose. I’m 22, so this is really important to me right now so I can be healthy and look and feel great for my future spouse and career 😉

  9. Michael

    I’ve been walking for about two months now, built up from a mile to 4 miles four to five times a week. A couple weeks ago I ran a half a mile and just last Thursday I ran my first mile since I was a youngster in the Navy, wow! Did it again on Saturday morning, so awesome! I can’t wait to build up to running several miles just like you guys! Thanks for the encouragement.


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