New York City Marathon Training: 55 Days Out

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I continue to be fascinated with how DailyMile picks the adjective to describe one’s training, since I’ve gotten epic even on relatively low-mileage weeks. Also, I usually take these screenshots from the web version, and my email said my training was “impressive.”

Welcome to the inside of my brain. It’s kinda weird in here.

Whether DailyMile thinks I had an impressive or epic week or not, I’m happy with the positive trend my training is continuing to take.

Let’s take a look.

Monday: traveling back from Maine and was in a car for a million hours. Good day for a rest day.

Tuesday: Jess put together a fun group workout in the park, where I saw buddies GB, Emily (by saw, I mean dragged) and Brittany. We did a mile warm-up, then did some drills (high knees, butt kicks, lateral shuffling and skipping. Emily, a former cheerleader, was awesome at the skipping.)(Love you, friend!) After that, we did 10 hill repeats on a nice jerkface hill in the park. They were really freaking hard, but hurt-so-good hard. No idea of distance or pace since my Garmin and I were not on speaking terms, but it was a short, intense workout. I later asked Jess if she knew the mileage, and she said she wasn’t sure, so I’m just going to assume it was probably something like 10 miles. In an hour. You know, fastest 10 miles of my life. We finished with some more of those drills and then some great stretches, which I cannot remember because I was COMPLETELY run-dumb by that point.


Wednesday: The day I totally fell back in love with mid-week running. I had 6 easy miles on my schedule and an AM dentist appointment, so I ran to the dentist. (Sorry, dentist.) The weather was freaking perfect, my pace felt good and a lot less like a slog, and I was a very happy lady.

Thursday: Uplift with Chelsea to lift things up and put them down. Awesome class, as always.

Friday: SoulCycle with Kirk, because my buddy Mary has been telling me to take his class, and I had a XT day on my schedule. Kirk did not disappoint!


Saturday: 18 magical miles. I was really happy that, despite not going easy on my legs on Thursday and Friday, they felt pretty good for most of the run and moved at a pace I was very happy with.

Sunday: Turns out an oyster dinner is not adequate for celebrating a friend’s birthday afterwards, and I felt my brain sloshing around on my recovery miles yesterday. Recovery in multiple senses of the word, but I got 4 miles in as per my plan.

Still no yoga, but I got the lifting, XT and all of my runs in. I’m happy with that. I’ve also entered the part of marathon training where my brain basically just keeps running between: MARATHON RUNNING COMPRESSION SOCKS FOAM ROLLING on repeat, which is always a good sign for my running, if not for my sanity.

How was your week of training?

12 comments on “New York City Marathon Training: 55 Days Out

  1. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I always wonder what adjective daily mile gives those people who run 100 mile weeks! Always amusing to see what you get.

    great week of training for you! mine sucked. I was sick. I am still trying to recover. Sigh. who gets the flu in summer?

  2. Cassidy

    I’ve wondered the same thing and I think it’s a matter of how you rate the “feeling” of your training for that week.

  3. Christina

    I feel like DM does that to keep you motivated, as I’ve also had epic weeks that really were anything but.

    Yay for long runs with friends! Always make the miles go by quicker.


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