One Week Until NYCM 2013!

I logged in to Google Docs, as I have every Sunday night for the past 19 weeks, to see what I was running this week.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 5.30.44 PM.png

*Edited to add: That’s not all I’m running. That was just the part that fit the date and the NYCM in the screenshot.

It’s real. I’m running the New York City Marathon a week from today. My second NYCM and my fourth marathon.

I honestly still can’t believe sometimes that this is something I can do.


I ran through Central Park yesterday and ran the last few miles of the course.

Chicago and Marine Corps were both fun marathons, but there’s nothing in the world like the New York City Marathon, and I consider myself very lucky that I train on the course. As I ran down the east side of the park, across the bottom and then back up the west side, I visualized the roar of the crowds next week. I visualized my strong performance from 2011 and how happy I felt. I visualized the finish line intervals I did with Jess a few weeks ago.

NYC Marathon Alec Baldwin from Marc Beroza on Vimeo.

I cannot watch that video without sobbing. I love this city and this marathon so goddamn much.

I spent so much of this year in self-doubt over various things, including my running and training. The body believes what the mind tells it, so I’m spending this week thinking positive thoughts and trusting in my training. There’s nothing else I can do right now.

I did a little shopping yesterday, and I felt so calm and so at peace (and I don’t think it was just the retail therapy.) I have a new job, which I love. I have trained for a solid 19 weeks. I am in a great spot mentally right now, and I am really excited for this marathon.

This week is for: minimal booze, maximal healthy stuff. Cutting back on processed foods, making sure to get in lots of nutrients and drinking as much water as I possibly can. Hello new coworkers, nice to meet you, I will be in the bathroom every hour this week because I am drinking #allthewater.

This week is also for as much freaking runspiration as I can find.

Laura ran her 99th marathon today. My friend is insane.

Michelle ran a massive PR and BQ-ed at MCM today!

Emily is continuing to dominate things out on the West Coast. She’s always (or, as long as I’ve been reading her blog) run fast but she’s running really smart these days, too.

Janae ran a freaking 1:23 half. In a pirate costume.

This is not runspiration, but my friend Anna wrote a beautiful essay about surfing and feelings for Fitness. My mom is my best friend, and I refuse to believe that she won’t live forever, so I sobbed my way through this one, too.

Continuing with the randomness, Basis, a heart rate monitor company, sent me this video of people trying to keep under a heart rate of 90 while being scared with lots of creepy crawlies. I’m fairly sure I reached my maximum heart rate just watching, so now I will torture you.

So yeah. That’s what’s going on inside my brain right now. I’ve gotten a few emails asking for NYCM tips – and I have some friends who will be in town spectating, so I’m going to put together a post for later this week on tips for NYCM runners and spectators. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer!
Oh – one more thing! I noticed that NYRR is doing service days for the city this week, which I think is a really nice gesture.

How do you inspire yourself before big races?

BRB, time to foam roll again.

22 comments on “One Week Until NYCM 2013!

  1. Ashley

    You are going to do AMAZING Theodora! And honestly — I love that you mentioned that sometimes you’re amazed that you can do this…because it is amazing and sometimes people forget that 😉


  2. Tracy Schwartz

    Tears are rolling down my face as I read Anna’s essay. I can relate all to well to her and like you believed my mother would be here forever; and unfortunately that was not the case. I would say Good Luck for Sunday but I believe that you have this with all your training and trusting yourself you are going to rock the streets of NYC!!!

  3. Cate

    Thanks for sharing the video. I cried because it reminds me of how amazing people can be during a marathon. It brings strangers together for no reason other than cheering on complete strangers when I need inspiration before a big race, I go back and read some of my favorite blogs. You’re going to be AMAZING on Sunday! You’ve trained for this and you will rock!

  4. Jane

    I love the NYC video you posted because that how I feel. Especially when I was running today in Central Park. I can’t believe you’ve been training 19 weeks…I’m going crazy with my 18 week training plan! Good luck next week! 🙂

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Jane: gah, I can’t believe it either! Started training earlier because I thought I was running Wineglass. I’m so so ready to be done training and just run this damn thing.

  5. Abby @ Change of Pace

    So happy to hear you’re going into this race positively! I think it makes a huge difference! (obviously along with your awesome training cycle!)
    I love how you said sometimes you can’t believe this is something you can do. I always think that way before long distance races and them am so thankful to my body for allowing me to do it.
    I also love to watch inspirational videos. Nothing can get me going more than athletic feats!
    GOOD LUCK and enjoy taper week!

  6. Kristine

    You are going to crush this race- mentally and physically. I love your honest approach to blogging and running and find that I can always relate. I like to geek out with runner friends before big races- talk about running, get a new race outfit at Lulu, read tons of recaps for motivation… and the night before take some time to myself to get focused and in the game. Enjoy race week and have the best 3:xx minutes of your life on Sunday!

  7. Amanda

    Okay, I just ran my first marathon in Chicago and thought it was so wonderful. But after watching that video, I think I need to run NYC some day! Good luck with the race, you have worked so hard, you will be amazing!

  8. Niki

    It sounds like you have your head on straight and a good plan for the week up the NYC marathon. Good for you and good luck!

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  9. Betsy

    I don’t even live in NYC and that video made me cry. I can’t wait to what I know will be an awesome recap of your race!

  10. Mom

    Well it’s almost here, I’m so happy and proud that I can be in New York cheering you on You worked so hard to achieve this honor of being in the New York Marathon for the second time. I will always be here for you no matter what happens you keep going on and I will always be with you. My heart and love will be with you always.

  11. Joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    “The body believes what the mind tells it” <— LOVE that! I 100 percent believe that as well. I just signed up for my second and third half marathons after being the most accident prone runner (and getting hit by a car back when I was in grad school) and I could not feel more blessed to be able to run 13.1 miles.

  12. Kathy Q

    I read recaps too, and also keep a running google doc of inspirational quotes related to running. The night before, I like to read through them all – I find it calming.


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