Let the Games Begin: Hunger Games Workout

I don’t understand how it’s been more than a year and a half since the first Hunger Games movie came out. I mean, I was still in my 20s! #oldnow

But last night, Catching Fire came out, and New York Sports Club invited me to a Hunger Games-themed workout today.


Ropes, bow, gong, GO.

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The Train Like a Tribute workout is 12 stations, on NYSC’s turf UXF Zone. (UXF is basically their version of CrossFit.)

The super-buff trainer Shayne Staley led us through a 4-minute warmup before we began.


The workout is a circuit workout with twelve exercises, each of which is done for a minute.

Some of the exercises:

Katniss Killers: Lunges with a bow. Harder than they look.

Peacekeeper Battle Ropes: Throwing down those bigass ropes up there. Have you ever used those?? No? They will kick your ass, promise.

Paralyzing Fog Flips: I think these were when we picked up a medicine ball and slammed it to the ground. These are supposed to mimic “the fog paralyzing the tributes, and others have to carry them to safety.”

Forcefield Planks: These were my favorite! We did a plank with one hand up on the wall, and then the trainer came up to me to tell me to lift the opposite leg, too. If i had fallen, I would have been zapped by the forcefield, obviously.

White Rose: Improve posture with upper back rows named for President Snow’s boutonniere. These were done with TRX straps, which I forgot that I kind of love.

Tsunami Row Machine: NBD, just train for escaping tidal waves on this machine.

Quarter Quell Kettle Bell Swings: These are to “shoulder” the burden of the victors fighting to “remember who the enemy is!”

photo 1 (2).JPG

Pretty sure Alex and I are ready to enter the Arena.

We attended the media preview, but this is a free class (open to both members and non-members!) that will be held on Mondays (1:30pm) and Fridays (noon) at the 62nd and Broadway NYSC for the next month or so. Philly, Boston and D.C. – they will also be doing the program there!

I tried CrossFit once and liked it, but if this is sort of what CrossFit is like (fun, functional fitness)…well, then I get why everyone sips the Kool-Aid. Awesome, now I have another variable in my Quest for Next Fitness Challenge.

Hunger Games fan? CrossFit fan?

14 comments on “Let the Games Begin: Hunger Games Workout

  1. Cathryn

    I normally roll my eyes at all the movie tie-in/marketing activities but this looks like a lot of fun and actually something that’s quite Hunger Gamey. I’d love to do it.

    Saw the movie last night. LOVED it. Team Gael!

  2. Katie D.

    There are no cross fit boxes in my area, but I do go to combine training at my gym (our version). We use the battle ropes too and they get my heart rate SO high! They are just killer!

  3. Kristine

    Ahh I LOVE Hunger Games – can’t wait to see the new movie. Never tried Crossfit (never had any real desire to honestly), but that workout looks like a blast. I love mixing it up like that!

  4. Ashley

    I LOVE the Hunger Games but can’t get the husband to go to the theatre yet for this one. . . and I gotta say while I love the movie, that work out looks BRUTAL! In the best possible way 🙂

  5. Eve

    I saw the movie last night. Team Peeta X10,000. I also went on a long run uphill yesterday. You know, so I could pretend like I’m headed into the Quarter Quell. Or something. Jennifer Lawrence is the BEST. Also, I did archery at summer camp growing up. I love that it’s now made a comeback thanks to Katniss.


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