My Version of Healthy Holidays

T’is the season to read all over the Internet How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays! How to Not Get Stressed Out!

I love the holidays, but it definitely can be a busy and stressful time, even if it is a happy time. Grace from Stripes and Sequins had a great post the other day about being busy but being truly happy and lucky to be doing what she loves, and I’m glad to say I feel exactly the same way. (P.S. She just launched her own shoe collaboration at Anthropologie, NBD.)

I won’t write you some listicle on How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays, but I’ll show you my version of staying sorta healthy through the holidays.

It’s a blend of living each moment to the fullest, scheduling my workouts so I get them in, and…not sleeping enough. (Do as I say, not as I do?)

After the marathon, I took a few weeks to let myself be lazy. I was kind of burnt out on running, and I didn’t want to get burnt out on working out, too. I wanted working out to be something I enjoyed, not that I begrudgingly made myself do. Now, I’m back to where I really want to work out. Where, even if I overslept and have nighttime plans, I’ll figure out how to get even a short workout in. Monday that was a 5-minute treadmill warmup, 10 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute recovery, 5-minute cooldown.


Thursday/Friday, I bookended my company holiday party with some Uplift classes. Thursday am: Sculpt Fusion with Madeline. If Chelsea is super-badass, Madeline is the sweet little sister you don’t want to let down.

Friday, Julie from PBFingers was in town, and had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to take a class together in the morning. I started to say that no, my company holiday party was Thursday night, so that wouldn’t work, but decided I didn’t want to miss out on seeing her and that I’d just take it easy on the bubbly. It was really hard to get out of bed, but by the time I got out of work last night, I was so happy I’d just gotten up and gotten it done. (This is not to say that the first 10 minutes of class weren’t impossible for me and that I didn’t nearly die during the tabatas.)

So, it’s Saturday, roughly two weeks before Christmas, and I’m happy to report that I worked out every work day this week AND didn’t sacrifice any fun to attend a Junior League holiday party celebrating the Board/Management Council, my company holiday party, a randomly fun night out last night with Fiona, and a fun workout event with Netflix.

What about you? What does your version of healthy holidays look like?

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  1. Ashley

    I love this! I agree, a healthy holiday means planning your workouts and sticking to it but really enjoying all the fun that the holiday season has to offer.


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