2014 Goals That Have Nothing to Do with Running

I made some non-goal goals for 2014, but since this is a mostly fitness blog, I wanted to talk a little bit more about some fitness goals I do have. My only running goal as of now is to have fun.

Since 2013 was The Year I Discovered Lifting Things Up and Putting Them Down Wasn’t Too Bad and Yoga is Cheap Therapy, I have my mind on some goals of that nature for this year.

1. Pull-Up

Last year in St. Croix, we were walking around a playground of sorts near the beach, and we found a pull-up bar. Ashley sidled right up to that baby, and busted out a few. I walked up, and…LOL. Did not bust out a few, for sure.

Do you see that? My coworker Miriam’s strength is so admirable. We have a pull-up bar in the corner at work (obviously), and she just walks over and busts a few out, the same way I fill up my water bottle. Like it ain’t no thing. 

By the end of the year, I would like to be able to do a pull-up or two. 

2. Headstand.

Tara Stiles Yoga Headstand

























At a yoga event with Tara Stiles last spring, she helped me into an assisted headstand…and it was awesome. I’ve also done a few against the wall at Prana, but I’d love to be able to do one without an assist by the end of the year. I plan on giving my best try at this in yoga classes, and asking instructors for an assist if they are offering one.

[Shape has a great guide to get you there, step-by-step.]

3. Handstand

How the eff did I do this when I did gymnastics all those years ago? Like…how? 

My buddy Anne busts out handstands all over the place…and they look cool. I’d like to be able to do a handstand, too.

[Whole Living has an awesome guide to get you there.]

That’s all. Let’s meet back here Dec. 31 and discuss this, okay?

Do you have any strength-related goals for this year?

15 comments on “2014 Goals That Have Nothing to Do with Running

  1. Cheri Armour

    Speaking of non-related running goals, I’d really really like to increase my upper body strength. I was lifting over Christmas break, and I am as strong as an ox, but when it comes to busting out those push ups? OW! I want to match my hubby-to-be as far as push-ups! Let’s see how big these guns are this time next year!

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    A handstand is such a great goal! I was able to bust a few out (against a wall…) last winter when I participated in Cross Fit but haven’t tried since. I don’t have any strength-related goals but I think I better get on that soon.

  3. Ash Bear

    Use that pull up bar to your advantage. Start by just doing chin up hangs – jump up and hang for as long as you can above the bar. Also all of these muscles work together so when you’re able to do a pull-up you’ll be well on your way to headstand. I still can’t do a handstand but can do both of those. I was surprised that once I learned proper form for headstand I can do them now even when out of yoga practice. I HIGHLY recommend going to an inversion workshop.

  4. elizabeth e

    hmm. strength related goals — i’d like to work on my plank (be able to hold it for 5 minutes), do a pull up, and master the burpee/”real” push up. I can do one or two of the last two, but I’d like to be able to do a string of them!

  5. Abi@AbsofSteel

    I’m trying to up my pull ups and I’m also trying to get a handstand down. well really I’ve been trying to do a handstand for ages but this is going to be the year, I know it!

  6. Meg

    Hooray for ladies doing chin ups! I set this as my goal a few years ago (and I did it), and so can you! Try for a chin-up first (palms facing you), which is much easier than a pull-up (palms away). For reference, I can now do 3 chin ups in a row but still can’t do a single pull-up. I did a lats/back workout aimed at building chin-up muscles 1-2x per week and it took me about 5 months to do my first one. The assisted pull-up machine is your BFF when you’re working up to a real one!

    My goals this year are to add 50lb to my deadlift, and to master 8 – angle pose! (that second one will take an act of God though).

  7. corrie anne

    Strict pull-ups were my big achievement in 2013. You can totally do it. How cool is is that they have a pull-up bar in your office? Awesome. Super consistent practice is all it takes. It really helps to practice with some resistance bands so you can get used to the movement too. I’m working on my handstands & handstand push-ups this year too. That’ll help you get prepped for CrossFit!! 🙂


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