Fit Gear for the New Year

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Koss. 

I lost the iPhone headphones years ago.

I broke my Bose headphones after having those gorgeous things for years.

I lost my last pair of nice running headphones.

I’ve been using $5 Duane Reade headphones since, and while they technically do the job, I realized yesterday how much they hurt my ears as I jam them in.

To know me is to know I’m actually pretty awkward and clumsy. I’ve tried out a number of headphones over the years, and always fumbled with the ear clips. My kindergarten teacher told my mom I lacked motor skills, and, well, I fear my motor skills still haven’t progressed much further.

koss fit series women's headphones

So I was shocked when I tried on the Koss FitClips and the clips slid easily over my left ear, and less surprised when it took me longer to figure out how to get the right fit on my right ear. It took a minute, but then they were really light and comfortable, and I took them for a spin over to the East River.

IMG 3317














I’ve used other clips in the past that really irritated my ears to the point that I was clawing at them and ripping them off half a mile into my run.

The rubber on the clips is really soft, and I barely felt them on my ears as I rocked my way to the river.

Koss Fit Series Headphones

Not at all awkward photo of my profile

(A sidenote on the power of playlists: I told Jen tonight how I started off the run so excited and happy as I heard a good song, then got really cranky when I heard a lame song, and then got really happy again when Katy Perry’s Roar came on.)

The sound was also an upgrade from my cheapy headphones. You know, so I could totally hear the richness of Ms. Perry’s voice.

They sort of reminded me of a really good bra. Nothing’s going anywhere, but you don’t feel it doing its job either. (Speaking of bras, mine broke at work yesterday. Like, the strap was coming out of my sleeve. Which wasn’t awkward at all.)

These headphones didn’t budge, but I also wasn’t cognizant of them the entire time.

They were designed by Dara Torres, former Olympic swimmer, and designed specifically for women’s ears. Each set also comes with three different-sized ear cushions, but I apparently have very average-sized ears, and mine fit straight out of the box. They come in 5 different colors, including Tiffany blue, but I didn’t want to blend in with my walls.

I’ve seen other designed-for-fitness earphones for $50 or more, but these are a really reasonable $29.99, and they’re available at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Kmart, Walgreens and Sears. Overall, I truly really liked them, but I just wish they had volume control on the cord.

What are your favorite headphones? For running? For life? (Do you have fitness headphones and then other headphones? Enlighten me.)

6 comments on “Fit Gear for the New Year

  1. meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles

    I always seem to skimp on the tech stuff and still use the earphones that came with my iPhone lol. Like you said, they get the job done but I am sure if I tried the Koss ones, I would notice a world of difference. I often think about finding a pair of wireless ones so that I don’t run around tangled sometimes…Sorry about your bra btw, those things tend to only happen at the most inopportune times. I always had bra issues when I worked in an office so this made me laugh lol.

  2. Kimberly @ Healthy Strides

    I won a pair of the Koss headphones (not the clip ones, though), and I have been really impressed. I have a pair of YurBuds Ironman, and they irritate the crap out of my ear and they don’t stay put as much as I’d like on the treadmill. (They do just fine on the elliptical and bike.) The Koss have stayed in for some interval work on the ‘mill, though, as I try to beat this winter.

  3. Josh

    I only use one pair of headphones and they are lg tone bluetooth headphones. I love not having a cord that needs to be secured. The headphones pair to my phone automatically and can be used clearly for phone calls. I wear them about six hours a day and they are very comfortable. I gave 49.00 for them on amazon. This may seem expensive but buying multiple pairs of cheap headphones adds up quickly to equal the amount one could spend for quality that is convenient and comfortable. I am glad that you found a pair that is great for you.

    Make Today Great,

  4. nikki@willrunforpizza

    I always used crappy ear buds too and then last year I just quit listening to music when I run because I was SICK of spending the whole run SHOVING them back in my ear. (I may have even throw those suckers at one point…) I bought a pair of Yurbuds for women last fall and fell in love with them! BUT, then I came across these same Koss ones at Wal-Mart (I HATE WAL-MART!) for only $20, so I grabbed them (in purple) and I think I may love them MORE than the Yurbuds…They are SUPER soft and lightweight! And the sound is SO much better than the Yurbuds! I paid, I think $40? for the Yurbuds, so $20 for the Koss is def a steal! And they come in lots-o-colors! 🙂

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