From Brunch to Bike


This afternoon, I had plans to meet Lacey for brunch, followed by meeting Meggie and friends at SoulCycle for her birthday ride. (Side note: my birthday is coming up, and I am now wondering if I need to plan a birthday workout? Is this now a thing?!)

I didn’t want to change after brunch, so I decided to see how best I could dress up workout clothes, and I really loved my random outfit.

Hat: C. Wonder (I don’t really take this off these days) | Wrap: Lululemon It Makes Two (no longer available because things are available at Lulu for a hot second) | Tank: New Balance Momentum | Capris: Reebok (no idea which ones these are, but Reebok makes some solid capris) | Sneaks: New Balance Fresh Foam (more info and review on these to come in the upcoming weeks.) | Tote: Sea Bags

(Note: I obviously put my puffy coat back on 2.5 seconds after this photo was taken.)

We went to Sagaponack for brunch because it’s near both of us, and I’ve been curious about it forever, just because it has super-cute nautical decor and looks kinda beachy in Manhattan. Since I was going straight to Soul, I was nervous about eating too much, but I had some eggs, toast and chicken sausage and was just fine. Their chicken apple sausage, by the way, is amazing.

How do you transition workout clothes into other situations? I usually just put boots over my leggings, but I just couldn’t do tall boots one more day today.

10 comments on “From Brunch to Bike

  1. Jane

    Cute outfit!

    Depends on where I’m going – I usually throw a sweater on top of a workout top and do the same thing with boots. Also dry shampoo is amazing. Not a lot of studios have it but Uplift does and I’m soooo thankful. My hair is usually what I worry about the most. Not so much the clothes.

    Workout bday parties are definitely a thing. Or maybe it’s a thing at SC. I’ve been to a few classes where the birthday girl or boy and their friends were present. I think it’s a great idea & bonding experience! Takes it back to birthday parties at the roller rink in middle school ha

  2. Cate

    You look adorable! I try and wear a pretty cover up. PS I can’t wait until the fresh foam go on sale. They look so comfy!

  3. Katrina

    Boots, sweater, leggings is my normal combo. I pin my bangs back and blow dry my hair or put it up. I’ll wear a tank that looks a little more stylish than my normal under armour. But my friends are super used to being seen in public with me in workout clothes, so I don’t think about it too much anymore. 🙂

  4. Kara

    I pretty much wear workout clothes everywhere so I feel as though I’m an expert on this topic, haha! I will do anything to NOT wear jeans. I think it’s so much easier in the winter because you can throw nice boots on over your workout pants, add a cute sweater, and viola! Some dry shampoo and the “sock bun” both also save my life 🙂

  5. Melissa @ Faster In Water

    Yes bday workouts are definitely a thing! Whatever your “thing” is, you can invite some awesome people to do it w/ya! However, this year (and last) I did a solo bday workout (swimming, duh!) and it was wonderful just to have the time to myself with my favorite activity at the beginning of my day to celebrate me. I even had my coach write me a special workout (turned 29 and did a 2900yd workout!). Hmmm….too many days till my next bday!


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