Giving It Your All

Yesterday morning, at the end of class at Uplift, the instructor, Rachel came up to me as I was wiping down my mat and putting my equipment away.

“I love how you just put your all into every workout,” she said.

Annie said something similar at the end of the CityRow class I took.

“Thank you!” I said, caught a little off guard. A few years ago, when group fitness was new to me, I slunk to the back of any class I took, unsure of myself, my body and my abilities.

While I’m back at feeling somewhat uncomfortable with my body, I’m more sure of myself and my abilities. I’m also sure of my strength and grit. I’ve fought my way through 4 marathons? I can fight my way through another tabata. I can fight my way through another few reps of my bicep quivering as I attempt a heavier weight.

I equally love and hate the tabatas. Twenty seconds doesn’t sound that long, but when it’s at all-out intensity, it’s a freaking eternity. But I still love pushing through them. It took me a while to get to the point in working out where I stopped caring how I looked after working hard. Now, I wear it like a freaking badge of honor.

I usually go to the 6:30am Uplift classes, and the instructors usually say something like “Think about why you’re here. You got up to come to this class, so make it worth it!”

I’ve always worked hard in my Uplift classes, but the Strengthen Up(lift) Challenge I’m doing with them really has me cognizant of working harder. Not getting comfortable with the 10 pound weights, and reaching for the 12s and 15s. Squatting deeper, lunging lower, tabata-ing harder.

give it your all, otherwise you're only cheating yourself

Any time I catch myself wanting to slack, thinking the instructor is correcting someone else, I catch myself. I’m only cheating myself and future results. I spent seven years half-assing it at the gym; now I give it my all.

Or…in a few days. I’m sick AGAIN, which I’m really frustrated with. I had strep at the beginning of the month, and now I have sinusitis. I work hard at trying to stay healthy, and this is what my body gives me in return? Being sick twice in one month? Fail.

I’m currently giving my all to getting better, so that I don’t get sick AGAIN, but I’m still doing things like some push-ups and planks around my apartment.

Do you give it your all in your workouts? 

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  1. Kristine

    I’m the same way – I get laser focused and go all out in my workouts. Especially if it’s 6am or I’m shelling out $30 for a Soul class or Pure Barre or something like that. I got up or spent the money – I’m definitely getting the most I can out of it. The only time I ever let myself slack is if I’m in the mood for some easy miles. Hope you feel better!

  2. Karen @karenlovestorun

    I definitely find myself giving it my all when I’ve got up early and paid for a class. There is a local yoga studio that is amazing but I know that when I go there is no slacking. I have to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind to go, I want to give it my all and get everything I can (mentally and physically) out of the class!

    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. Chrissy

    Well said! Why bother going if you’re not givibg it your all?!?!
    I hear you on the sickness trend. Just when things are going well, BAM I’m hit with another cold. Middle school children will do that to you. I’m working on a quick recovery and boosting my immune sysetm. I could turn into an orange 🙂

  4. Abi@AbsofSteel

    I do really try to give it my all in my workouts. However, I have found that I need to balance out the really hard workouts with some easier ones too otherwise I get burned out. Nothing feels better then getting in a high intensity workout when your body feels fresh and ready to work.

  5. Annie @ Annie Get Your Run

    That’s awesome! I do my best to give it my all, but there are a few girls in my gym that I look to for an extra push….always upping the speed on the treadmill during intervals or asking the coach to bring them heavier weights. Hopefully I’ll be that girl to someone one day!

    P.S. – I love that your mom commented. 🙂 If she has any extra soup, please have her mail it to Philly.

  6. Shannon

    I always try and give it my best in my workouts. Even if it’s just a day for stretching or light cardio, I try and push myself a little farther than the time before. Nothing is better than feeling like you’ve grown a bit after a workout 🙂

  7. Shawna

    i totally can relate — since i started doing strength training/boot camp classes the last two years, i’ve found myself continually pushing as hard as i can and giving it my all, and the progress has been incredible. such a great feeling.

  8. Jackie

    Feel better soon! I was also sidelined the past few days from being sick. It was tough but nice to take a few days off from running and the Uplift Challenge to let my body rest after having pushed it extra hard the past few weeks. Gotta love the instructors at Uplift for really noticing and appreciating the effort you put in – great job!

  9. Traci

    I really enjoyed the timing of this one, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about. Not just in workouts, but in life! However, I do have a story that relates as far as exercising. I just recently started going to the gym with my boyfriend, who is joining the Navy. He’s trying to get in shape before going to boot camp and joined my gym last week. As we were on side-by-side rowing machines, he kept challenging me to get closer to his power level. At first I was hesitant to get into that kind of zone, and admitted that I don’t always work out to my maximum potential–in fact, rarely I do. He said “We are both so busy, and if we’re taking the time to come here, we might as well give it everything we’ve got!” So, yes. I get this.

  10. Ashley

    First and foremost: FEEL BETTER! Being sick back to back normally makes me want to punch someone — just saying.

    Secondly: I need your motivation and grit! Sure I work out consistently, but I don’t always feel like I push to my full potential…

  11. Nicole

    I am trying to be more present during workouts. Leaving my phone in another room or in my locker.
    But this AM I cheated–I did a Bar DVD while on a conference call. TV and my phone on mute but I had to multi-task!!

  12. Bitch on a Diet

    I definitely push a lot harder when I’m doing a group workout class than on my own. I’ve come to realize this and it’s one of the reasons I really like group classes–even though my wallet doesn’t!

  13. kyla

    Ohhh girl I hear you on the sickness. I just got over the worst stomach flu and haven’t worked out in a week. Also, my body decided it loved me so much this month that (surprise!) I’ve had TWO cold sores. I’m ready for January to be donezo!

  14. Laura Yamin

    I can identify to the idea of giving it my all. I will be honest there have been quite a few classes where by the end I would just go and slack it off- like you said the only person i am cheating is myself.

    Last night I ended up trying out Swerve Fitness (new spin studio in Flatiron) that is all about competition. For the latter half of the class my mind wanted to slack soooo bad. But it is competition based so I decided push myself and just do the work. I notice that I can accomplish anything in 60 seconds to 4 minutes. Seriously that’s where the magic happens


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