Sweaty Saturdays Are the Best Saturdays



This has been an awesome, sunshine-soaked, endorphin-filled Saturday.

I started out with the JuicePress run club this morning for a lovely 4ish miles. We’ve FINALLY gotten a break in the weather here in NYC, and it was in the 40s! Which feels like a heat wave. Although I typically am a little awkward in pictures, this particular photo’s awkwardness is due to me biting it trying to climb up that mound of snow for a picture. No way in hell I would have been able to actually stand up. 

doctor earth juicepress green juice

I came home and inhaled my green juice, and immediately followed it up with some leftover duck risotto because I was starving.

I took a bath (I’m obsessed, I probably take one almost daily when it’s cold) and cleaned up for a bit before workout #2 of the day.

Today is Sweaty Saturday, a day where NYC fitness studios donate their proceeds to the Partnership for a Healthier America, which is a nonprofit that is working to fight childhood obesity.

Combining sweat and giving back? Perfect. 

My boss and I went to Chelsea’s Sculpt Fusion class. I’d taken it the other night when I felt sick, and class was 14 million times more enjoyable today.

Especially since, in true Uplift style, there were mimosas waiting for us at the end.

You know who was the first one out of that studio and in line for her bubbly. (Screw the OJ.) 

How’d you get sweaty today? Have you ever sweat for charity?

7 comments on “Sweaty Saturdays Are the Best Saturdays

  1. Traci

    That juice looks tasty. I did a workout with my boyfriend at the gym today and got pretty sweaty! I’ve never heard of Sweaty Saturday but I’d definitely be into it.

  2. Caroline

    I’m obsessed with taking baths in the winter as well! They’re so relaxing and sometimes it’s the only time I’m really warm and comfortable all day!

  3. Kristine

    I loooove endorphin packed days! I did an 8-mile trail (read: excuse to run slowly) run with a friend Sat morning before spending the day drinking wine in Sonoma (balance right?) I have GOT to get in on this Uplift business. Workout then bubbles? It’s like not even real. I’m so jealous. #DeprivedinSF


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