2014 New York Junior League Winter Ball

I just spent the last few hours perusing my Instagram and Facebook feeds, looking at all the photos I’d been tagged in and that my friends had uploaded from the Winter Ball. 

This is my fifth year attending the ball (2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013), and every year, this event means more to me and is more fun than the last.

It’s really hard to balance my Junior League work running our communications on top of my job and my blog, but seeing the way this event comes together makes it so worth it. Our Winter Ball team works tirelessly all year to make this event, our biggest fundraiser, a reality. The event usually raises around half a million dollars, which funds the work we do in the community to help women and children in NYC.

The event is a celebration of volunteerism, a celebration of friendship…and a damn good excuse to get all primped up.


But before I could get primped up, obviously I had to get all sweaty first. I met the NYJL run club and did a chatty 4 miles with them. My legs were totally shot from working out with my trainer the day before, so things were interesting, to say the least. As usual, we ended with brunch at the Boathouse.

I came home to take the quickest shower in the world, put some white strips on and turn around to run down to Soho to get my makeup done. With the white strips still on on the subway.


Last year, I really liked getting my makeup done at Nars, so I went back there. My favorite eyeliner in the world is Nars, so I just trust that the rest of their colors will work.

Kristen, their head makeup artist, did my makeup, and I guess I was still endorphin-drunk, because we giggled for an hour straight. She also kept telling me what great skin and eyes I had, so I just want to hire her to come do my makeup and say nice things to me daily. Also, pro tip: apparently you’re supposed to put your concealer over your foundation. This was news to me.

Since I last got my makeup done there, they implemented an $85 minimum spend on makeup for events…which is a lot. Their PR team waived the fee for me, but I still ended up spending close to that anyway. I got the Super Orgasm lip gloss and Kauai eyeshadow duo, and I’m contemplating getting the brow gel and the Maldives Multiple stick. (My name is Theodora, and I really like makeup.) 

Next stop: Dry Bar to get my hair done. I’ve done both Dream Dry and Dry Bar, and I actually prefer Dream Dry. There’s a more laid-back vibe at Dream Dry, and the staff is much friendlier.


I had my hair done in a half-up and curly kind of updo. I had an appointment with friends at 4:45, but I needed to be at The Pierre by 5:50, so I got dressed in some dude’s office. As you do. 

I hailed a cab uptown to The Pierre, and as I walked down 5th Avenue to the entrance, I just took in the moment. It was a gorgeous late-winter night, and I was excited to be lucky enough to be able to celebrate this night surrounded by so many people I love and respect.

I’ve wanted a green dress for years, and I was happy to find a great one at Rent the Runway (invite link) that wasn’t four figures like the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress of my dreams.

This is my last year running external communications for the League, so it was my last time having to work the beginning of the ball, overseeing my team as they dealt with the press. 

IMG 3326

At 8pm, we walked in to this magical scene. The ball’s theme this year was “Enchantment in the Secret Garden,” and the Winter Ball team pulled it off beautifully. As usual. 

Nyjl winterball

I was seated with some of my favorite people, and we had tons and tons of fun at dinner before moving into the dancing part of the evening and dancing our faces off.

I look forward to this event the way I look forward to Christmas, so I’m a little sad today that it’s over. And it made me really miss my buddy Ashley, but I’m excited to see her when she’s back in town next week.

Tell me about the most fabulous event you’ve ever been to!

16 comments on “2014 New York Junior League Winter Ball

  1. Mom

    Just want to take this opportunity to praise my daughter and tell her what a wonderful, lovely woman
    she has turned into. She works hard and puts everything she has into her work, friendships and what she believes in, helping people and living her life in a good way,
    Thank you for my joy and laughter everyday,

    Love you

  2. Cheri @ Overactive Blogger

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that with the Whitestrips! I will pop those suckers on anytime, and remove them and brush my teeth right before an event to make sure my teeth are looking good! Love ’em, but have to be careful not to overdo it or my teeth get so sore the next day!

  3. meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    Oh looks like so much fun! I love makeup and used to love Nars (allergies now keep me away from the eye shadows)…I love the Pierre, such a great venue! I got engaged at the Pierre and also attended a gorgeous wedding there a few years ago.

  4. Ashley

    You looked beautiful, Theodora! So glad you had a great night, I loved looking around and seeing so many wonderful NYJL ladies dancing the night away. Thanks again for all your help this year.

  5. Sara

    Looks like so much fun – you look beautiful. I am envious of where you live. I would imagine you never run out of places to shop and things to do.

    Great photos – thanks for sharing!

  6. Whitney DeLong

    It looks like you had a BLAST! I love getting all dressed up for things like this but don’t get the chance very often. 🙂 Will be on a cruise in a few weeks and looking forward to getting prettied up for formal night!

  7. Jessica

    Oh my god it looks like a fairy tale so jealous right now! It reminds me so much of why I have to leave where I am right now in my life.

    Im so happy for you, thanks for sharing these photos

  8. Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    How do you do it all? Seriously? Looks like a beautiful event, and I love an excuse to get all dressed up and I have been itching for an occasion to rent a dress for from Rent The Runway. They have such beautiful dressed! Sidenote, I love your hair on top of your head like that in your makeup picture. So cute!


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