Back On a Plan!

I’ve basically been rudderless since the NYC Marathon.


Aside from the Uplift Challenge, which was basically photo shoot prep, I haven’t really had any goals or a training plan since November.

I like to pretend I’m cool as a cucumber (am I fooling anyone??), but I’ve been told I’m secretly Type A.

By the end of any training cycle, I’m always ready to try new things and take a break, but I overall REALLY like the structure of a training plan. Someone else writes out workouts, and I…just do them? Awesome.

You haven’t heard much about my half-Ironman training because I haven’t really started. I’ve gone back and forth with myself on committing so, so many times. To say I’m full of self-doubt over this whole thing is an understatement.

But after a g-chat convo with Shauna, I’m in. When I told her I was doubting both whether I could and whether I wanted to do the race, she suggested I run a half-marathon or do an Olympic tri. A sub-1:45 half is my next goal, but I’m not ready to train for that one yet, and an Olympic tri is just a step above the tris I’ve done before. So, my original reason for wanting to do a HIM remains: I want a challenge.

So I finally sent all my paperwork in to my new coach (thanks to the Ironman / TrainingPeaks folks for hooking me up), and I’m back on a schedule. One of the things that Shauna and I talked about was my being totally overwhelmed by the idea of the whole process…but any training schedule (or, anything?) can be daunting looking at the whole, and not the individual parts, right?

Upcoming workouts for the next few days: 40 minute swim, 40 minute run, Uplift (she said core strength class, and I already had Uplift booked for that day!) 35 minute bike ride, 1:45 run.

I better get to sleep! The lifeguard at my pool says I won’t have to wait the earlier I get there…and who has time to wait around?

It’s on.


By on, I mean more banana pictures.

Let me know if you have any questions for me as I start this crazy training process! I am obviously very far from an expert, but am happy to answer any tri questions that I can or have my coach help out.

14 comments on “Back On a Plan!

  1. Ash Bear

    Accountability partner?!?! 🙂 yay!

    I’d love to hear your coaches opinion about clipping in for a first triathlon and any and all tips for the swim.

    Let’s compare plans online this week 🙂

  2. Shana

    Wow! I always have mad respect for someone who can do Iron Man’s, even a Half Iron Man is insane! Good luck with the training! It’d be cool to see like a picture of your training schedule, like a calendar or something. I think that’s purely because I have a problem with pretty charts…
    (My blog:

  3. Shawna

    ahhh, good luck with this endeavor! looking forward to reading about your training. and a sub-145 half is my next half goal as well.

  4. Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats

    I am considering training for an Olympic distance tri and a HIM would be next on my agenda. I’m totally intimidated by the swim, but with a few half marathons and biking races under my belt I think I’ll be ok. I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you!!!

  5. Vicky

    I always find it so ironic that one of the banner ads on your site when I’m here is always the “5 foods you should never eat” and there’s always a picture of a banana. Ha!


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