Girl’s Night Out (Running Edition)

Girl's Night Out New Balance

A few weeks ago, the fine people at New Balance sent me an invite to their new Girls’ Night Out event.

I like running, and I like wine, so I could not turn it down.

The idea is to redefine what a night out means to women. Despite leading a generally healthy lifestyle, it is most certainly on ladies’ night outs that I rack up the extra calories…in wine. (In fact, the other night I had a fun Uplift + dinner date with friends—oh, and we dragged the instructor out with us—and we most certainly ate/drank back all the calories we burned, and then some.)

So while I do sometimes use fitness as a way to meet up with friends, I love this idea of giving women a healthier way to see their friends—and for moms, to do something healthy for themselves with their friends.


(My answer was Will Ferrell, obviously.)

There’s also an app that women anywhere can use to create a run (either public or private) with their friends, and New York and Boston lady runners can go to special in-store events for a 3-mile run + party afterwards.

New York runs: June 26 & July 17, 6 pm

Boston runs: June 24 & July 22, 6pm

Do you ever do sweat dates with your lady friends? 

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