I’m On a Boat!

Last week, Laura sent me something that she told me was right up my alley.

North River Lobster Company

Thank you, Thrillist, you are right. I did need to end up on a lobster roll boat last weekend.

North River Lobster Company.JPG

Lobsters, oysters, oh my!

IMG 6821

I did not have to carry these guys, so I was happy.

Lobster Swizzle Sticks

Lobster swizzle sticks? HELL YES.

Lobster Roll North River Company

Gluten-free except lobster? (In all seriousness, I’ve felt mostly better mostly taking gluten out of my diet, but I’ve still felt sick sometimes when I haven’t had gluten and have felt fine when I have, so…I’m kind of unclear on where I stand with all of this, but still trying to at least limit it.)

IMG 6828

So, we got on the noon boat. It sails every few hours—at noon, 3, 6 and 9. AND they don’t kick you off after the sails, so you can stay on for a few. You know, so we heard. They also only charge for what you eat and drink, not for getting on the boat. Prices were also very reasonable, especially considering it was free to get on the boat.

Drawbacks: the lobster roll actually wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I consider myself a connoisseur of lobster with butter or mayo on a bun, and this one was just okay. Even washed down with lots of rose. The sail itself was kind of meh, too. We basically did two big out-and-backs: one going north, one going south. It would have been nicer to sail all the way south and then turn around, but oh well. Still worth it.

IMG 6833

Two tickets to the gun show for Ms. Lacey.

What would be your dream food situation: what would be the food and where would you eat it? (Keep it clean, Cat.) Lobster on a boat is definitely mine. 


4 comments on “I’m On a Boat!

  1. Jane

    Oh I miss good East Coast lobster rolls! And even if they are mediocre, I think having them on a boat makes up for it slightly. Must get to the Cape ASAP!

  2. Laura

    Hmmm. Sorry it didn’t live up to expectations 🙁 Now I’m undecided whether we should go there when I visit or stick with something like Boat Basin…

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Oh, the fun part did! Just the lobster didn’t. This was also less crowded than Boat Basin and even though the route it took was a little lame, it was nice that it moved, too, instead of just sitting there.


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